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  • From ep 5: Ringo climbs back up the chute she's been dropped down, breaks out of her handcuffs, and punches out possessed!Himari.
    • From the same episode, Kanba shows his Determinator self when he clings on for dear life on a speeding truck to get the hat thrown by Ringo.
  • Episode 8: Shouma gets his own CMOA's when he stands up to the desperate and maddened Ringo, stops her Attempted Rape of Tabuki, and calls her out epically on what she's doing to Tabuki and Yuri. And at the end, he saves Ringo's life via a Diving Save, getting hit by a car instead of her. Not to mention, he does all of this despite being weakened by Ringo's paralyzing drug.
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  • Episode 9: Possessed!Himari stopping Sanetoshi from forcefully kissing her is pretty awesome as well.
  • Episode 10: Ringo willingly offering her half of the Destiny Diary to Kanba so he can save the kidnapped Shouma.
    • Kanba passing through several obstacles to rescue Shouma is pretty awesome too.
      • And Masako outgambitting and surprise-kissing Kanba too.
      • The end throws quite the Wham Line: "Survival Strategy"... as said by Mario Natsume!
  • Episode 11. Shouma tells Ringo again (much more politely this time) that she should be herself, and not try living the life that Momoka would've led.
    • And The Princess of the Crystal summoning herself and her magical space through Himari... to let the BSOD'ing Ringo talk about her genuinely serious issues. True, she still called Ringo names, but considering how Ringo truly needed this — it was an odd mix of this and Pet the Dog from the Princess.
    • Arguably, Masako seriously freaking Kanba out via introducing him to Mario. One of the few times that Kanba has been this close to losing it.
    • Yuri also deserves mention. Shady as she can be, the fact that she didn't flip her shit out when she found Ringo in her condo while Tabuki was Not Himself should be recognized as kinda cool. Anyone else would, understandably, have a Freak Out at that.
  • Episoe 15. Yuri and Masako's "fight" was made of pure awesome. Specially because Yuri manages to use a pingpong paddle to throw all of Masako's bullets away — while fighting in complete darkness, as well as not letting Masako's Breaking Speech get to her AND she tricked Masako into taking a fake Diary.
    • Momoka rewriting reality and almost getting herself killed... all to save Yuri's life no matter what.
  • Episode 16. Yuri not only outsmarted Masako, but totally trolled her. She even put a sort-of bomb in the fake Diary!
    • Also, the return of the Princess of the Crystal, completely owning the maid that Masako sent to spy on the Takakuras.
    • An lest we forget Masako choosing to be poisoned with fugu fish rather than having possessed!Mario under risk.
  • Episode 17, Yuri versus Masako Round Two.
  • Episode 18 is awesome for Momoka (showing how she graduated to Badass Adorable level and singlehandedly saved Tabuki from the child broiler space), Kanba (utterly refusing to let Himari being thrown from a construction gondola by the maddened Tabuki) and Himari (refusing to panic and cry even when she's about to die, and even being ready to pull and Heroic Sacrifice if it'll let Kanba survive.)
    • And possibly one for penguin #3, who appeared to knit a rope for Himari to escape her impending Heroic Sacrifice whilst everyone was busy shouting at one another.
  • Episode 20 has little!Shouma chasing down the truck with little!Himari in it. He follows it all the way to the child broiler and proceeds to singlehandedly rescue her.
  • Episode 21 gives us three.
    • The first one: Ringo refusing to disclose information to the noisy reporter and loudly calling him out on it..
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    • The second: Shouma giving a What the Hell, Hero? to Kanba — which is awesome even after it fails, since this is Shouma we're talking of.
    • The third: Himari following Kanba ater he leaves the family... to save him after he joins his parents's group to save her.
    Himari's inner thoughts: "I... I will stop Kan-chan. Even if it takes my life!"
  • Episode 22's ending. Masako's "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner and almost sure Heroic Sacrifice for Kanba and what is probably her Famous Last Words:
    "Gosh, I must crush them soon..."
    • Double when you see her pulling exactly the same Ass-Kicking Pose from the first OP.
    • Also, Tabuki protecting Yuri and taking a knife to the gut for her.
  • Episode 23 gives us Ringo trying to use her own body to put out the flames on the Destiny Diary. It didn't work, but it still counts due to her Plucky Girl determination and the fact that she also withstood Sanetoshi's cruel Breaking Lecture and talked back to him while burning to almost death.
  • Many, MANY come in the Grand Finale, with the top ones being:
    • Himari bringing herself Back from the Dead and starting a Survival Strategy of her own. You can tell it's Himari and not the Princess because her eyes are normal, without the pink sclerae that comes in with being possessed by the Princess.
    • Ringo overcoming the Break the Cutie deal of episode 23 and reciting the reality-warping spell, fully knowing that it'll kill her.
    • Shouma and Kanba ultimately sacrificing themselves to save this reality despite how it ultimately gets them Ret Goned.

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