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Awesome / Mato Seihei No Slave

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  • In Chapter 27, during the Flashback the Wakura siblings managed to defeat a couple of bullies. Aoba defeated a man twice her size and he thought she already ate a peach, but she reveals she hasn't eaten one yet. That just goes to show how strong she is. Yuuki was no pushover either, learning from Aoba's wrestling and defeating the other bully.
  • In chapter 43, Kyouka gets her long awaited vengeance on One-Horn for destroying her home town. Riding Yuuki, the two of them take the berserking beast head on and completely curbstomp it, Yuuki holding it in place while Kyouka slices it to Ludicrous Gibs. Even the "eight gods of thunder" are impressed at the scene.
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  • In chapter 62, Himari defeats Homare using nothing but her fists as payback for years of bullying growing up. Homare never expected Himari to be able to stand up to her without her ability. Even Tobera, who earlier told Himari she'd get rid of her herself if she shows no improvement, is impressed.
    Tobera: What an upset! Good going Himari!

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