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  • It's the compressed history of the Marvel Universe. The fact there are several is pretty much a given.
  • Phil getting over his fear of the Marvels:
    Phil: "I'M DONE HIDING!"
  • Then, Phil telling the Apathetic Citizens off, as they deserved. Made even better by the fact that it's the ending line for the third issue.
    Phil: "What do you need?! The world to actually end? Are you so busy digging for garbage that you can't even admit to yourselves that you're grateful? Look up why don't you? Look up for once in your lives!"
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  • The wondrous artwork.
  • The first appearance of the Human Torch.
  • The newsreel shows how truly badass Namor and the Human Torch are when they put their mind to something and team up together to fight the Axis in 1939. This, by the way, manages to not only reduce the entire movie theater to absolute silence, but marks the exact moment when the public decided that Namor and Jim Hammond really were superheroes.
  • Namor battling the Human Torch is presented akin to an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Mind you, this happens twice.
  • The end of Book One, where we get to see the Golden Age heroes-Cap, Bucky, Namor, Jim Hammond, Toro, Aarkus, The Mighty Destroyer, Blazing Skull, the Black Widow, Black Marvel, and Thunderer all parachuting down onto a heavily fortified German castle, ready to kick ass while Phil and Casey watch.
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  • Jim Hammond tells a young J. Jonah Jameson to shut up:
    JJJ: Look at this story! "Human Torch flies medicine to trapped town." Pfah!
    Phil: Now, now-where's that easy wit of yours? That cheerful contempt for the world and everything in it?
    JJJ: The things these freaks do-making Joes like you and me look like pikers-and we just lap it up! I'd like to lock 'em up and throw away the key!
    Jim: That's... *bursts into flames* ENOUGH!
    * He flies towards the window*
    * Everyone stares in shock at the hole melted in the glass as the waiter quickly pours some water on a small flame*


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