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Awesome / Mandy (2018)

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  • If there's a more badass expression of cinematic disrespect than lighting a cigarette off your enemy's burning skull, the world has yet to see it.
  • Jeremiah abducts Mandy, has his minions drug her, subjects her to a creepy, entitled speech about how "God" spoke to him and gave him the right to take whatever it was he wanted by force, all while playing his pretty lame single before preparing to force himself on Mandy, expecting her to be completely taken in. What does she do? She laughs in his face. As Sand starts masturbating, apparently without much luck, she continues to laugh with even greater disdain. He screams at her to shut up in impotent fury and she just keeps laughing until he tearfully flees the room, after screaming at his followers to not look at him. Seeing this misogynistic bully and the pathetic figure that Mandy effortlessly reduces him to is deeply satisfying. Sadly, this doesn't end well for her. At all.
    • Red subsequently gets revenge on the cultists who killed Mandy, ultimately including Jeremiah himself. So in death, Mandy still quite literally got the last laugh.
    • In an interview with Vulture, director Panos Cosmatos said that Mandy was actually the one who killed Jeremiah's spirit just by laughing at him; Red, meanwhile, defeated him through conventional means.
  • A chainsaw duel? Pretty cool. A chainsaw duel ending with Nicolas Cage hooking his opponent with a chain and throwing him down onto a running saw dropped on the ground? Awesome.
  • Red's entire rampage is this and Nightmare Fuel. He nonchalantly hacks his way through the Black Skulls and the cultists with the Beast, an axe with a spear on the bottom of the handle. Even Jeremiah is terrified of him when they finally cross paths again, and is left blubbering and pleading for his life.
    • Red's quote before crushing Jeremiah's skull: "I'M YOUR GOD NOW"
  • Special mention goes to the film's beautiful cinematography.
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  • Nicolas Cage's performance in this movie is incredible, showing just how well he can act with a good script and direction.

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