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  • Sub-Zero defeating Goro in the last issue of Battlewave. Though the narration wonders whether both sides had an advantage or disadvantage, it does say that Sub-Zero's name will be held in high respect from thereon.
    The storytellers of Outworld will try to spin tales about why the Prince of Pain fell this day. Perhaps the brutal weather sapped some vital strength from Goro, they will say. Perhaps the bitter cold lent strength to the Lin Kuei warrior. Who can say? They will gloss over the reasons, but the end result will always remain the same...and the Lin Kuei warrior's name will be held in awe and respect from this day forward.
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  • Dying Moment of Awesome: Not too long after that, Sub-Zero encounters Scorpion, but doesn't feel like fighting him. He merely dares Scorpion to kill him dishonourably...but Scorpion takes the chance and immolates him. Not that it stops Sub-Zero from grabbing the dragon medallion that will score a victory for the realm of whoever grabs it. All this while burning to death.
  • And in a retroactively meta sense for Sub-Zero fans, the fact that up to this very point, this Sub-Zero was in fact the Elder Sub Zero (Bi-Han), who most fans of the series knew died during the first game's story, but in the comic's canon, managed to evade death, even if only for a little longer. By the very end of the series, we do get a glimpse at his younger brother, who is very much set on upholding his brother's legacy.

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