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Main Series

  • In the first episode of Mai-Otome, Shizuru shows the home crowd how it's done by slicing a large battleship in half with her Whip Sword. A few minutes later...well, let's just say that one Slave didn't stand a chance. Cue stunned gazes from onlookers and crazy fangirling from Arika, who decides right then and there that she wants to be an Otome.
    • It's very possible Arika might not have survived to see it, had Akane not come Just in Time to rescue her, Nina and Mashiro after the aircraft they had stolen was knocked out of the sky.
    • And the moment where Shizuru landed on the street with such force that it shattered windows in the entire city block.
  • Arika gets her chance to shine in her first fight with Nina. Sure, Arika didn't technically win, but she sure spooked the hell out of her rival after taking a point-blank Force Push to the chest and slamming into the opposite wall of the Garderobe Arena. Down and out, right? Wrong! She saved herself by wrapping the extra-long frills of her Coral Robe onto two nearby pillars, calmly walking away after the smoke cleared.
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  • Mai's big comeback in Episode 24. Who better to display and redefine the phrase "burning up upon reentry"?
  • Speaking of Akane, let's also give the young lady credit for standing up to a Slave in just a Pearl Robe, having her Simple Staff snap, and then, in a fit of rage, rip one of the bloody thing's legs off with her bare hands. For bonus points, her beloved Prince Kazuya was watching the whole thing.
  • Miyu rushing in to protect Arika from a Valkyrie Desperation Combination Attack...and then slicing newly-turned Dark Magical Girl Tomoe's weapon apart with a single slash of her sword-arm.
  • Haruka saving Arika, and the arena full of people, by grabbing a giant ship with one hand, then throwing it. The whole thing neatly tells you who would win between the Otome and the Hime.
  • Episode 25. Three words: "Load Silver Cartridge!"
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  • During the finale when all the Otome manage to power up thanks to Miyu's intervention and all join together to block the harmonium's death twister.
  • Let us not forget that Chie was apparently undercover for years without anyone suspecting her. That takes some serious planning and secret-keeping. Not even Aoi knew.

Mai-Otome Zwei

  • Arika and Mai combining their attacks to defeat the monster the Big Bad sent.
  • Yukino trading herself for the hostages all the while maintaining her presidential cool.
  • Haruka gets another one in the Mai-Otome Zwei OVA, when, despite having been hit with a petrification beam, she still manages to take Yuna's head off before hitting the ground. Granted, it didn't take, but it just goes to show that in any universe Haruka goes out with a bang.
  • Nina forming a contract with Mashiro in the fourth episode. Her character arc in the TV series was frustrating and kind of creepy to watch, but Zwei made it all worth it.

Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~


  • Manshiro gets entrusted with the Pure White Diamond and the sword that goes along with it by Yuuichi, and with his newfound powers, proceeds to annihilate Kagutsuchi in a single blow.
  • Manshiro stepping up to True Mashiro, the “real” Queen, and confirming that he will become a far better ruler than she ever was.


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