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  • Much like Doctor Doom, on another world I survive the zombie plague far longer than most of the heroes.
    • And when they finally got me?
  • I beat Red Skull to death.
  • Making the Red Skull pay for all that not only I, but countless others, had suffered through. Have a look.
    • For explanation, I had sought him out in order to make him pay for his crimes, and chose to trap him in a hidden bunker, with no ability to escape on his own, and leaving him until starvation and sensory deprivation drove him to suicidal insanity, which he did indeed succumb to. When he was saved by his loyal lapdog Crossbones, he was utterly broken by the experience; no one, not even the good Captain himself, has been able to cause Skull such a defeat, nor have I dealt anyone else such a harsh punishment. But really, would anyone argue that he had it coming?
  • In the series Wolverine and the X-Men, when the titular characters attempt to sneak into my palace in Genosha, I show them just how right Ms. Pryde was to be worried.
    • Later, in the episode "Aces and Eights", Senator Kelly hired Gambit to steal my helmet and cripple Genosha (breaking my daughter Lorna's heart in the process). To say the least, I was angered. I had Blink teleport me right into the Senator's office. I would have killed him had the X-Men not intervened.
    Magneto: You insect! (hurls Kelly's desk out of the way) You dare attack my home? (pins him against the wall) MY FAMILY!?
  • Lifting the entire Golden Gate Bridge is but a simple task for the Master of Magnetism.
    • "Charles Xavier did more for mutants than you will ever know. My single greatest regret is that he had to die for our dream to live."
  • One of Cyclops's many plans to defeat Juggernaut was for me to lift an aircraft carrier out of the San Diego bay. I complied.
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past saw past me lift a football stadium, dump it around the White House to keep out intruders, and then rip the president's bunker out of the ground, all the while guarded by sentinel robots that had been specifically designed to be immune to my powers, (which I had dealt with the previous night by turning train tracks into wires to infiltrate their systems and corrupt their programming) and future me turn the Cool Plane into a bomb and almost nonchalantly remove a piece of shrapnel from my guts, at the age of at least 90.
  • During the time I was deprived of my powers, I found myself defending a comatose Charles from one of my former Acolytes (she was attempting to kill him, you see). This resulted in Exodus confronting me, asking what my response have been if I had found a human had harmed a Mutant. My response?
    Death, I suppose. I always preferred death to a heartfelt apology.
    • As to what I had done to the Mutant in question, I may have burnt out part of her brain with a surgical laser.
  • In a world where Xavier died before his time, I took up his mantle and formed the X-Men in his honour. Unfortunately, Apocalypse turned the world into hell in the name of the "strong". However, I did not lose heart for Xavier's dream and tore that vile bastard in half.
  • Although most of you would consider it my Moral Event Horizon, let us not forget the time I ripped the adamantium from Logan's very skeleton.
  • The time I defended this earth from a collision with the Ultimate universe until I disintegrated ought to count.

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