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Awesome / Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou

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  • Kazuki definitively proves that swordsmen are just as strong as magicians by effortlessly defeating Mio in their duel after the latter pushed his Berserk Button.
  • During the fight with Loki, Kazuki performs a theoretically impossible technique and slashes Loki, a manifested Diva. If he'd had his normal sword at the time, Loki would have died right there.
  • Kaguya redefines Good Is Not Nice at the end of the second volume by completely trashing Kazuki, Mio, and Charlotte in a near effortless display of power. The only reason they escaped is because she wanted them to.
    • Kazuki returns this in the next volume, taking her on solo and deadlocking her. He saw all her moves once. Once was enough.
  • Mio defying her apparent Faux Action Girl status by taking out Beatrix of all people, who was able to fight on par with Kazuki previously.
    • Her method is especially impressive. She predicted that Beatrix would chose her as the weak link and attack her first, so she set up a high oxygen area directly between them, then nuked her with a laser (which, being light-speed, not even Beatrix could dodge/block), blowing the whole thing up.
  • Asmodeus grants Kaguya an eleventh magic (which is impossible), which turns her into a Reality Warper with the power of the cosmos at her fingertips.
  • The entire cast not only defeats Nyarlathotep, they make it Deader Than Dead by completely obliterating its essence inside the Astrum, the collective consciousness of mankind.
  • In the first round of the tournament:
    • Kazuha manages to beat one of the rival swordsmen in a duel, showing her vast improvement as a swordswoman.
    • Kazuki can't use his sword due to tournament rules, but gets around this by using his fists.
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    • Kaguya's team strategy is to turn the field into ice and give the team ice skates to allow Kanae, Torazou, and Koyuki to slip past the swordsmen and wail on the summoners. And if the swordsmen do try to get to Kaguya, her Suicide Black ensures they can't get off more than one attack each.
    • Miyabi uses Lunatic Labyrinth to trap both teams in her Mental World, which allows her team to defeat the enemy without revealing their tactics to the audience.
  • Round 2:
    • Kazuki proves his worth as The Strategist when his team manages to beat Kaguya's team, who individually would be equal to or stronger than the members of Kazuki's team.
    • Hikaru's team manages to actually deplete the mana of Mibu and Asamiya, though they instantly refill thanks to Shizuka cheating via her own diva's divine blessing.
  • Round 3:
    • Kazuki manages to pass all of Miyabi and Gremory's trials, which temporarily gives him a sword strong enough to bisect a Colony Drop.
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  • In Volume 9, Kanae duels Kazuki and manages to overwhelm him in swordsmanship, to the point where he needed Zekorbeni to actually complete his chant and win.
  • In Volume 11, Kazuki and his allies go through an absolute marathon of battles, with pretty much no breaks in-between. First they had to deal with South America's strongest mages, who fuse into a One-Winged Angel form, requiring a level 10 kiss with Itsuki. Then North America ends their Enemy Mine with Kazuki and seals his ability to use Leme's powers, forcing him rely on the Sacred Treasures he won from Ikousai as well as Amaterasu's powers. He then has to fight Clark Moore (who has her own One-Winged Angel form) and his harem has to fight the Numbers (excluding Ginny and Mary). Then Kazuki and Clark have to renew their Enemy Mine when South America's king, Eimi Moore, attacks, unsurprisingly with a One-Winged Angel form.

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