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Awesome / Lullaby for a Princess

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The song told the story of Luna's banishment and Celestia's sorrow in far greater detail than the show had. That alone is a CMOA, but there's far more.

  • Fans have long considered Woona to be a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, due to being trapped in Nightmare Moon's mind (and the moon itself) for a thousand years. But the lyrics make it clear who the real Woobie is: Celestia.
    • Two verses in the middle make the point so well it's like being slapped:
      Soon did that pony take notice that others
      Did not give her sister her due
      And neither had she loved her as she deserved
      She watched as her sister's unhappiness grew

      But such is the way of the limelight, it sweetly
      Takes hold of the mind of its host
      And that foolish pony did nothing to stop
      The destruction of one who had needed her most
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    • Without the Shakespearean language: Celestia enjoyed the spotlight. She noticed Luna going down a dark path, but did nothing out of fear of losing that spotlight. Luna wasn't the only attention whore in Equestria...

  • This song can make grown-ass men shed real tears. Anything that can do that, is deserving of respect.

  • The animation, full stop.
    • Its creator, WarpOut, worked on the animation for three years. It contains over 8500 hand-drawn images, as opposed to the flash animation used in the show. And he only worked with a couple other background artists. Most of the work was done by one person.
    • The very first scene of Celestia stepping out of a shadowy doorway was enough to make many Brony (and non-Brony) reactors on YouTube sit up and whisper, "Whoa!".
    • Further praise is heaped by them seeing the magic effects used over Celestia's horn.
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    • The fight scene is beautiful, like something out of an anime. The bisected screen when Nightmare Moon and Celestia collide, several Beam-O-War matches, and Celestia loses.
      • Then Celestia picks up the Elements of Harmony and a rainbow shield explodes outward, causing Nightmare Moon to fade into the lunar surface.
      • On a meta note, WarpOut reworked the ending fight after the Friendship is Magic season 4 premiere showed the canon version, to make them match up better.
      • Similarly, the canon version saw Celestia shed only a single tear as the fired her Death Ray of Friendship at NM. LFAP shows her breaking down completely once she realizes what she's done, tears and Skyward Scream and everything. To top it off, this animation makes her usual multi-colored mane a direct physical consequence of what she did- and she will be forever reminded of it.