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    Individual Matches 
  • Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma's main event match from the very first episode has to count as one big Awesome.
  • March 18, 2015: GRAVE CONSEQUENCES. A casket match between Fenix and Mil Muertes. Over fifteen minutes of some of the most brutal action you'll see in a ring.
    • What makes this match so amazing is that it reinvented the casket match. WWE has never been able to put together a compelling casket match, and yet here is the upstart Lucha Underground absolutely putting them in the dust.
    • To give you an idea of how crazy this match is... the casket is used AS A WEAPON during the match. By the time the loser is finally laid to rest, the casket is bent and banged out of shape like crazy. (Using it to counter an out of the ring suicide dive will do that.)
  • The Fenix/Mil Muertes Death Match. Muertes powerbombs Fenix THROUGH THE ROOF OF THE STOREROOM IN THE STANDS!
  • The Iron Man match between Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo on the June 17 show for the Lucha Underground Championship. Highlights include Puma tackling Mundo off the top of the bandstand and through four tables!
  • Angelico's dive onto The Crew to save Ivelisse during the Final match of the Trios Tournament.
    • The thing that took what was already the best spot of the season and elevated it to something legendary was how suddenly it came out of nowhere. Angelico didn't set it up, didn't pose on the roof to draw attention to what he was about to do, in fact it was quite the opposite. It was the Darkest Hour; Ivelisse was alone in the ring with an injured foot, desperately scrambling towards the Singapore cane to defend herself as Cortez and Bael advanced menacingly on her. Havoc was being kept out of the ring by Mr. Cisco and less than ten seconds earlier we'd seen Angelico slumped against the fence that separated the office roof from the rest of the stands, written off by the commentators as "too far to do a thing". Matt Striker was in the middle of a speech about how the team's run "was fun while it lasted" when the camera swings up to the office roof just as Angelico takes three sprinting steps and flies!
    • If you listen closely (pretty hard with the crowd going apeshit), you can hear Vampiro scream "Ohhh Shiiitt!!" and then tearing off his headset and running around the ring in shock and awe.
      • One for Matt Striker as well, usually he's Hit or Miss on commentary but at the end he delivers a perfect speech regarding Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Angelico and the struggles they had gone through with one another and overcoming them to win the Trios Championship.
      • Striker also channeled his inner Jim Ross calling Angelico's dive: "THAT WAS DOOOOOOPPPPEEE!!!!!"
    • Ivelisse wrestling that match with a legitimate broken foot.
  • During the Trios ladder match, Angelico dives off the top of Cueto's office again, this time to knock Castro off the ladder with a leaping dropkick. This is even more shocking that his previous crossbody because, unlike with the crossbody, nobody catches him and after booting Castro off the ladder he goes straight onto the mat on his back!
    • And again, you can see Vampiro yank his headphones off and run around the ring in shock at what he just saw, shouting "Holy shit!" along with the fans.
    • Ivelisse climbing a ladder with a legitimate broken foot and biting Mr. Cisco's hand before winning the match for her team.
  • From the season 2 premiere, Ivelisse's damn good match with Mil Muertes.
  • Season 2 Episode 13 "Monster Meets Monster", the wild and chaotic brawl between Mil Muertes and Matanza.
    • Ending with the two fighting on the roof of Dario's office and Mil Muertes hitting the Flatliner on the roof sending them crashing through it! Proving that while Matanza may be the host to a God, Death is the ultimate equalizer.
  • From "Graver Consequences" Matanza has put Mil in the coffin and shut it and seemingly looks like he's won the match, only for Mil's arm to BURST through the coffin and grab him by the throat in a chokehold to the shock of everyone.
  • Drago and Aerostar vs. Jack Evans and PJ Black in a Nunchuck match. It was like a Bruce Lee movie come to life and exactly as wonderful as that sounds.
  • Episode 1 of Season 2 ended with Ivelisse putting on a heroic losing effort in a championship match against then-champion Mil Muertes. Season 3 episode 1 opens with Son of Havoc putting an equally-heroic showing in a championship match against the unstoppable Monster Matanza! Havoc puts on an incredible showing against Matanza and, impossible as you know it is, you can almost believe he might even pull it out! Season 3 starts with a bang!
    • The idea that gave Son of Havoc a title match, Dario's Dial of Doom, is equally awesome. A Wheel of Fortune style gimmick where Dario takes the names of everyone who hadn't faced Matanza one on one then, puts them on a wheel, and lets the winner have a title match, it's let not just Havoc, but the likes of The Mack, Killshot, and even Cortez Castro (who came in handicapped) have awesome matches and look like potential champions.
  • From Season 3, Episode 2: Killshot vs. Marty "The Moth" Martinez in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match (where any weapon is legal). Both men took an insane amount of punishment and kept on fighting an incredible and vicious battle, with special credit going to Marty since he got busted open early and had a mask of blood for much of the fight.
    • The ending was freakish, with Killshot double stomping Marty through a table, FROM A TWENTY FOOT HIGH LADDER, after taking his dog tags back. Safe to say nobody is going to steal his tags again.
  • Episode 5 of Season 3: The Prince and The Monster: Thanks to Dario's Dial of Doom, Prince Puma faces Matanza for the Lucha Underground championship. During it, he hits an impressive Northern Lights Suplex on Matanza, but he doesn't stop there, he then LIFTS up Matanza from the ground and delivers a stunning brainbuster.
    • A bigger one, in the final moments of the match, Puma hits his finisher, The 630 on Matanza only to be yanked out and attacked by Mil Muertes. That's not the awesome part, the awesome part is that it pans to Matanza and it shows him still lying on the mat—if Puma had been able to make the cover, there would've been a new Lucha Underground champion. In other words, despite how terrifying and destructive he is, Matanza is not invincible and can be beaten.
  • Episode 7: Payback Time lives up to its name as Prince Puma gets revenge on Mil Muertes not only for defeating him at the first Ultima Lucha, but for also costing him earlier against Matanza.
    • And before the match, Vampiro offers to have Puma become his apprentice so he can defeat Muertes, only for Puma to reject him flatout.
  • In Episode 9, Son of Havoc finally gets his revenge on the man who took his unique opportunity, beating Dr Wagner Jr. in an intense match- with the stake set by Dario beforehand that the winner would get to choose the stipulation for the revenge match between Mascarita Sagrada and Famous B next week. At Mascarita's prompting, Havoc announced it would be a Believer's Backlash and every weapon the Believers decided to bring would be legal! Considering what an obnoxious asshole Famous B had been acting like since his heel turn, even insulting and denigrating the fans themselves, when the stipulation was announced he damn near shat himself!
  • Pentagon vs. the Black Lotus Triad, specifically the portion of the match that pitted him against Hitokiri (Io Shirai). Brutal is an understatement. They brawled everywhere, used chairs and electrical cords as weapons, Hitokiri hit an amazing crossbody off the roof of Dario Cueto's office, and to top it all off, she countered Pentagon's feared Package Piledriver (which he'd used to set her partner Yurei up for the armbreaker) into a Destroyer to pin him. And then he had his arms broken by Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca Jr.
    • Earlier in the night, at the climax of Pentagon's first match against Doku (Kairi Hojo/Sane), she sent him down to the mat and hit him with a spectacular flying elbow drop from the top rope. Encouraged, she went for another one, only for Pentagon to catch her arm in a submission as she dropped, converting it into the armbreaker for the win.
    • After that, in the close of the match with Yurei (Mayu Iwatani), she goes off the turnbuckle and gets caught IN MID AIR by Pentagon, before suffering the package piledriver.
    • What makes that episode more awesome? The fact that it was Kairi Hojo, Mayu Iwatani, and Io Shirai, who each have mile long resumes and outrageous in-ring talent. Pentagon took on three wrestlers who are considered to be three of the best wrestlers in the world (according to Dave Meltzer), male or female, and he managed to beat two of them and give the third the fight of her life.
  • The Battle of the Bulls four-way pitting Jeremiah Crane, Mariposa, Killshot, and Dante Fox against each other, especially after Crane unearthed a pile of chairs from underneath the ring and Mariposa began throwing them at everyone.
  • The Boyle Heights Street Fight between Prince Puma and Mil Muertes from Season 3 Episode 21 "Sudden Death", culminating in Puma hitting a Coast to Coast on Muertes, but instead of doing a dropkick, he does a senton in the air going all the way across to nail Muertes!
  • The Cueto Cup first round match between Jeremiah Crane and Killshot. Both men went absolutely balls to the wall in this match, where every strike seemed like a knockout, high risk moves were executed back to back (especially Crane running around the ring like a bat out of hell before crashing into Killshot and the front row), and the Believers were absolutely enraptured, chanting "Fight forever!" "Both these guys!" and "This is awesome!"
  • Cueto Cup Quarterfinal between Prince Puma and Dante Fox, with Fox more than holding his own against Puma.
  • Mil Muertes vs Jeremiah Crane in a wild and chaotic brawl with Mil ambushing Crane during his entrance, Crane stacking chairs onto Mil and whacking him while he's stuck and ending with Mil catching Crane's leap into his Flatliner finisher.
  • The Hell of War match between Killshot and Dante Fox on Night One of Ultima Lucha Tres. JESUS CHRIST did it live up to its name. If you thought the Cero Miedo match was brutal and bloody, this one is FAR FAR WORSE.
    • Also meta awesome for Dante Fox, who wrestled the trios match from "2 weeks later" on his hideously cut up back the DAY after this match was taped, and apparently was taking bumps at his wrestling school all day the next day as well.
  • The Mack wins an "ultimate opportunity" battle royal at Ultima Lucha Tres, and in typical Dario fashion, his prize is a trios title shot against the Reptile Tribe, but he has to take the seemingly exhausted and embittered Killshot and Dante Fox as partners. Nonetheless, the three men press on valiantly, and successfully win the titles and patch up the relationship between Fox and Killshot.
  • Pentagon Dark vs. Son of Havoc in a Gift of the Gods Ladder Match. The two biggest favorites of the Temple fighting like maniacs for the power to challenge the Lucha Underground Champion. Nobody went home sad from that match.
  • Mil Muertes vs. Cage vs. Jeremiah Crane in the Gauntlet of the Gods match. Three of the Temple's wildest and most savage monsters turned loose on each other for the Gauntlet, and the results were staggeringly glorious.
    • But the even bigger moment was after Mil Muertes had won, and seemingly claimed the gauntlet. He slams his newly empowered fist into the mat, killing the lights...but then the lights come back. And the Man of a Thousand Deaths is in the cross hairs of someone he thought he got rid of last Ultima Lucha.....KING CUERNO. Cuerno viciously beats down Mil, and steals his Gauntlet.
    • What makes this moment even better is in the final montage of the season, Cuerno has the Gauntlet in a case with the rest of his trophy collection, where Mil himself was not long ago. Sure, it would give him the power of a god, but Cuerno would rather mount it on his wall, just to prove a point.
  • Thanks to the aid of Melissa Santos and Mariposa, Fenix survives a terrifying match to finally make Marty "The Moth" Martinez pay for his sins, by not only defeating him at Ultima Lucha Tres, but shaving his head as well.
  • With his career on the line, Prince Puma successfully weathers the Worldwide Underground's interference and goes the distance against Johnny Mundo to become the first two time Lucha Underground Champion. But the night wasn't over yet...because...
  • Right after that above moment, Pentagon Dark successfully cashes in his Gift of the Gods title, expelling Prince Puma from the Temple and FINALLY becoming the Lucha Underground Champion.

    Aztec Warfare 
  • Aztec Warfare. It's basically Lucha Underground's version of the Royal Rumble match, but instead of the over the top rule the process of elimination is to pin someone or make them submit, plus it's no DQ, something Chavo Guerrero obviously took advantage of. Eddie would be proud. The awesome part about it is many wrestling critics hailed this as a better version of the Royal Rumble than the 2014 and 2015 Royal Rumbles.
  • During Aztec Warfare 2, Dario Cueto returns to his Temple, and with him he brings his absolute beast of a brother, Matanza Cueto. He is promptly entered at the very end of the match, and proceeds to effortlessly steamroll through the rest of the luchadores to claim the Lucha Underground Championship.
    • Matanza is massive, nearly 300 pounds, and he can do a Standing Shooting Star Press.
    • After No Selling The Mack's Stunner, Matanza grabbed him from behind and delivered a German Suplex so devastating it would have made Brock Lesnar wince. From the way Mack's legs flopped about after he impacted and seeing his head at a right angle to the rest of his body, for a second you'd be forgiven for thinking Matanza had killed him outright!
    • A particularly evil moment of awesome for Dario when Chavo turns on the remaining wrestlers, knocking Puma and Rey down and throwing Dragon Azteca to Matanza while he goes to try and cut a deal with Cueto. Dario smiles and nods, encouraging Chavo to get back in the ring, but as soon as Chavo turns away, gives Matanza the throat-cutting gesture. Things between Chavo and his new "ally" do not turn out well for him...
  • Aztec Warfare III was a glorious orgy of violence and passion. Highlights include:
    • Before the show even begins, we see a backstage meeting between Johnny Mundo and Dario Cueto, where Johnny lets Dario know that he plans to beat Matanza for the title, but if he doesn't he'll just cash in his Gift of the Gods title next week. Dario gives Mundo a smirk, tells him he really is an arrogant bastard, then takes Mundo's paper with his position (#12) and tears it in half, making Mundo #2, then tells him it's put up or shut up time.
    • Black Lotus returns to the Temple, but she didn't come alone. She shows up with three female compatriots (Mayu Iwatani, Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo from the STARDOM joshi promotion in Japan), who proceed to decimate Pentagon Dark for breaking Lotus's arm at Ultima Lucha Dos. One of them even finishes off Pentagon with what can only described as a 360 DEGREE FLIP PILEDRIVER. Holy SHIT.
    • Angelico also returns, once again doing his legendary dive off Dario's office to take out the Worldwide Underground for attacking him, and once again costing Johnny Mundo a title.
    • Matanza entered at #1 as proof of his dominance, and for most of the match he was steamrolling through the roster much like he did at Aztec Warfare II, but the time and the work of the other wrestlers eventually got to him, and a sunset flip powerbomb from Rey Mysterio Jr. caused Matanza to be pinned for the first time ever.
    • Finally, after surviving a brutal assault from Mil Muertes, and putting the Man of a Thousand Deaths through TWO tables, SEXY STAR IS THE NEW LUCHA UNDERGROUND CHAMPION!!! The crowd goes apeshit, chanting "You deserve it!" and Star breaks down in tears.
  • Pentagon Dark became the first Lucha Underground Champion to successfully defend the title in Aztec Warfare, utterly dominating Aztec Warfare IV and eliminating almost half the combatants by himself in route to retaining the Championship.

  • The finale of the first season of Lucha Underground, Ultima Lucha. Almost all of the matches are INCREDIBLE.
    • The Falls Count Anywhere match between Cage and The Mack. One highlight of the match is when Mack does a quick tribute to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin by downing some beers (that happened to fall out of a cooler he used as a weapon) and then performing a Stunner to the joy of the audience. It ends with Cage winning the match, by CURBSTOMPING MACK THROUGH FREAKING CONCRETE.
    • Ivelisse facing down Catrina. Despite her broken foot, Ivelisse threw her crutches aside, hopped over to Catrina and did her damn best to beat her up. Meanwhile, Angelico once again threw himself off the same storeroom Fenix had previously been smashed through onto the Disciples of Death down below! This is the third time he did this, and it's still awesome.
    • Drago vs. Hernandez in a lumberjack match. Which becomes Hernandez vs Drago and everyone. None of the crowd dares to hit Drago when he's outside the ring, but Hernandez got his ass whooped left and right, and at one point getting the poison mist while doing a suicide dive to ouside the ring, and nunchakus on his head, courtesy of Drago. Considering how much of an asshole he has been in the past episodes, it is SOOO well deserved.
      • Huge real-life props to Hernandez for agreeing to do a match which was basically all about him getting the living shit flogged out of him with leather belts in order to give his run on the show the hugely satisfying and cathartic ending it needed. He even made a point of wrestling topless rather than in his usual black singlet to make the red welts the belts were raising on his flesh more visible (and painful)!
    • Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro's Cero Miedo match:
      • Vampiro dressing up as a dark pope, that had the fans immediately shouting "THIS IS AWESOME", setting the tone of the match from the get go.
      • 2 things: thumbtacks and fluorescent light tubes. Thumbtacks to body, light tubes to head. Blood splurting EVERYWHERE.
      • And as the final touch, the match ends with Vampiro getting slammed through a table that's LIT ON FIRE!
      • Then there's the post-match scene, a PURE EVIL moment of awesome. Vampiro, having just been pinned outside the ring, gets back in the ring as Pentagon tries to summon his master and demands that Pentagon break his arm. After Pentagon does so and then tries to call on his master again, then comes The Reveal.
        Vampiro: Pentagooooooon! You're looking for your… teacher. Well, let me tell you something. As your teacher, I tell you. You are… ready… my son.
    • Alberto El Patrón gaining a measure of revenge against Johnny Mundo by tossing Mundo through the window the same way he had done him months ago. Johnny may have won the battle, but it looks like Alberto won the war.
    • Fenix becoming the Inaugural Gift of the Gods Champion, and during the match itself, Aerostar's dive during it.
    • The very last scene: Dario standing in the doorway of the Temple while all the lights slowly go off, until he's standing there under red light, smiling.
  • A number of moments from episode 7 of Season 2.
    • Aerostar returning to the Temple to aid Drago and scare off Jack Evans and PJ Black.
    • The No DQ match between Cage and Taya, one of the highlights involved Cage suplexing Taya from the ring into two tables!
      • Cage also looked like a monster here, because Mundo rolled in and tried to interfere by smashing a bottle over Cage's head, and Cage just looks annoyed. Mundo goes for another one, and now Cage looks pissed. Mundo freaks, throws Taya into Cage, and bails to see Taya get Weapon X'd and pinned.
    • The triple threat match for the Lucha Underground Championship between Mil Muertes, Pentagon Jr. and Prince Puma.
    • Finally, Fenix comes out at the end of the match and informs the successful defending champion Mil Muertes that next week he will give up the Gift of the Gods Championship for a shot to face Mil Muertes one on one for it.
  • Pretty much all of Season 2 Episode 14 "Cage in a Cage" with the match between Johnny Mundo and Cage and the show closing with Rey Mysterio, Dragon Azteca Jr. and Prince Puma winning The Trios Titles.
  • From Season 2 Episode 11 "Bird of War," Mil Muertes confronting Matanza and being the first person to actually stagger and knock down the Monster. If there's anyone who could possibly stand up to a God inhabiting a man's body, it's Death itself.
    • From the same episode Sexy Star overcoming her fears and aiding The Mack and taking the fight to Mariposa.
    • Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca teaming up for the Trios Tournament is cool in of itself, but the fact that they'll be teaming with Prince Puma is all kinds of awesome.
  • The bloody, brutal, and very dangerous "No Más" match between Sexy Star and Mariposa in Season 2, Episode 15. Earn Your Happy Ending at its finest. Not only does Sexy Star win, not only does she get violent retribution on her tormentors, but she gets an Aztec Medallion too.
    • Dario Cueto's pep talk to Sexy Star before the match is this too, as well as a You Are Not Alone moment.
    • The highlight of the match (though there were many)? Mariposa has Sexy Star locked in a submission hold, and the referee asks Star whether she says No Mas. Star's response? "FUCK YOUUUU!" "FUCK YOU MARIPOSAAA!" Cue Heroic Second Wind.
      • In the same episode, her friend The Mack also gets an Aztec Medallion as well by kicking the piss out of Marty "The Moth" Martinez.
      • AND the announcement of the rematch between Mil Muertes and Matanza the next week. GRAVER Consequences. Four coffins around the ring instead of one.
  • Ultima Lucha Dos Night One: The whole of the tournament for one of Dario's unique opportunities was amazing, and Son of Havoc winning it was as well. But THEN the opportunity's revealed: Havoc must choose either a quarter million dollars, or a guaranteed title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres. Havoc, with no hesitation, picks the title shot, saying no amount of money means more to him than the Lucha Underground championship.
    • Of course, Dario being Dario, Havoc has to fight one more opponent before he can claim the contract. And then Famous B introduces his new client....the lucha legend Dr. Wagner Jr.! Huge moment of awesome for lucha fans.
  • Sexy Star finally winning the Gift of the Gods.
    • Star may have won it but Night Claw was easily the MVP of the match, busting out an impressive repertoire of moves, culminating in him doing a moonsault off the top of the arena to down below
    • How can we not discuss the main event? A Deathmatch between King Cuerno and Mil Muertes. Sure, it was a Curb-Stomp Battle in favor of Mil, but it was brutal as all hell. Notable spots include: the two luchadores heading up to the stage where the musical guests play, with the pair using microphones, mic stands and more to beat the shit out of each other, Muertes running up the steps and spearing Cuerno through a set up table, a series of powerbombs through other tables set up around the ring, A CROWBAR TO CUERNO'S HEAD OFF THE TOP ROPE, and a devastating Tombstone Piledriver that ended it all. The lesson should be clear to Cuerno now: Don't hunt what you can't kill. Especially when it's the Man of a Thousand Deaths.
  • Ultima Lucha Dos Night 3 had some pretty stellar moments, and A LOT of them involve Pentagon Jr.
    • First and foremost, Pentagon Jr's rebirth into Pentagon Dark. Vampiro tells Pentagon that in order to defeat Matanza, he has to destroy the man he was before. Entering a cave, Pentagon fights multiple versions of himself before Vampiro (wearing a Pentagon mask) attacks. The Man with Zero Fear lays out his master, who proclaims him ready to be reborn. Giving him a candle, Vamp tells him that the light of the candle expresses Pentagon Jr., and that to capture the Lucha Underground Championship, he had to extinguish the light and enter the dark. Pentagon then blows out the candle.
    • His match against Matanza is, for the most part, a Curb-Stomp Battle... in Pentagon Dark's favor! Matanza doesn't get much offense in until about the halfway point. Even then, it wasn't enough to stop the newly christened Pentagon Dark. It took a distraction from Dario Cueto and a barbwire baseball bat (introduced by Vampiro to help Pentagon) to keep him down.
    • The end of the show. Pentagon Dark, blaming his loss to Matanza on Vampiro, attacks him with the barbwire bat. After laying out Matt Striker with a DEVASTATING superkick, Pentagon drags Vampiro into the ring. Raking the barbwire against Vampiro's skin and drawing blood, Pentagon delivers hard kicks to his master...or FORMER master, as Pentagon Dark declares he no longer needs Vampiro and he is his own master! The only thing that he needs is Vampiro's blood to fuel him. And with that said, he takes his hand and covers it in Vampiro's blood before licking it off, ending the show on the visual of a beaten, bloodied Vampiro laying prone on the mat.
    • Aerostar, Drago and Fenix winning The Lucha Underground Trios championship, with an assist from Angelico who returned to The Temple and assaulted Johnny Mundo.
      • To make this moment even more awesome, it makes Fenix the first ever Lucha Underground Triple Crown Champion, having won the Gift of the Gods, Lucha Underground, and Trios titles.
    • Prince Puma versus Rey Mysterio Jr.. The Prince versus El Rey. The match is very back and forth, but Puma shows that he can hang with Rey Rey. Early on in the match, Puma has Mysterio set up in a Tombstone position. Instead of going for that, he pulls Rey away from his chest and drops the vet chest first on his knees. Rey goes for the 619 and Puma moves out of the way. Instead, it's Rey who ends up on the ropes. Puma calls out "323" (the area code for Boyle Heights) and does the 619, which is followed up by a springboard 630 senton which Mysterio kicks out of. Even a Benadryller isn't enough. Rey fights back with all of his heart and connects with the 619 before laying out Puma with a springboard senton, getting him the victory. Despite his win, Rey lets Puma soak in the cheers of the Temple, showing respect to his opponent and potential successor as the face of lucha libre.
  • After the Season 3 hiatus finally ended, we got Mack vs Mundo in All Night Long... Again. A star-making performance by Willie Mack and a brutal clinic by both men, with unbelievable spots, brilliantly clever interference on both sides, and ending with Mack failing to score the winning point on Mundo by half a second- only for Dario to come out and remind us that there are no ties in his Temple! Highlights included:
    • Mundo reminding us that he is one of the best damn wrestlers in the Temple by scoring the first pinfall on Mack completely clean- when Mack has him up on the turnbuckle, Mundo slips down and hangs off the back of it while Mack swipes at him, then grabs Mack's leg and yanks him off to send him down to the mat to receive El Fin Del Mundo.
    • After tricking Mack by feigning injury then scoring a point with a low blow and a DDT onto the stretcher board the staff had brought out for him, Mundo gets chased up the steps by Mack, wielding the stretcher board to defend himself. After they brawl at the top of the steps, Mack slams Mundo onto the stretcher, then straps him to it and sends the board, Mundo and all, sliding all the way down the steps again!
    • After PJ Black baits Mack into an ambush and he and Mundo both beat the challenger down with kendo sticks, who should appear at the top of the steps than Son of Havoc, Dual Wielding kendo sticks of his own to even the score. With Mack down and out of it, Havoc pounds on the door of Dario's office and demands (and receives) two cans of beer which he pours over Mack to revive him.
    • When Mack and Havoc spend too long setting up a pair of tables, Mundo and PJ turn the tables on them and start to gloat. Mundo demands that the house band start playing a victory song for him and they comply while he sings along and PJ air guitars on a kendo stick. Then the maraca player drops her instrument and dives off the bandstand, flattening both men- it's Sexy Star!
    • Mack treats Mundo to a leaping piledriver off the ring apron through two tables. "Holy shit!" doesn't even begin to cover it!
    • The finish is jaw-dropping- with the scores tied at 3 pins apiece, Mack lays a stunned Mundo out on another table in the middle of the ring and climbs to the top of a fifteen-foot ladder. Ricky Mandel runs out to try and stop him, grabbing Mack's ankle and delaying him by a few seconds before Havoc and Sexy kick his ass. From the top of the ladder and with time running out, Mack delivers a 280-pound Frog Splash to Mundo through the table! Unfortunately...
    • The bell rings for the end of the match when the ref's hand is literally in the air to strike the mat for the 3 count, meaning it ends in a tie and Mundo retains- but Dario Cueto doesn't play it that way, baby! He books the match to resume next week, with the next pin or submission deciding it, even if it takes all night again! As a relieved Mundo celebrates his reprieve by holding up the title, Mack gives him one more stunner for good measure and raises the belt himself, to massive cheers.

  • Mundo's and Puma's tandem 450° Splashes on the second episode is definitely one for the highlight reel.
  • Son of Havoc pulling off a Shooting Star Press. And trolling other wrestlers by pretending to jump out of the ring, only to use his pecs to bounce off the ropes instead. He uses the same trick to avoid getting thrown out of the ring as well.
    • Son Of Havoc became a legend the night he dumped Ivelisse while on the top ropes before leaping onto Angelico for the win. Both the LU championship AND the AAA mega championship were defended that night, but Son of Havoc stole the show.
  • Fenix leaping off Dario Cueto's office onto Pentagon Jr. and Drago.
  • Johnny Mundo has pulled off some amazing spots, from jumping off the top of the building into the ring to help out Prince Puma, to his amazing performance in the ladder match, to being the hardest guy to knock out of the 10 man over the top rope battle royale.
  • Pentagon Jr.'s finisher is a FREAKING PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! You know, the same Driver used by Kevin Steen?
  • The growing feud between Johnny Mundo and Alberto El Patron comes to a head as they face each other to see who will take on Hernandez to determine the #1 contender for the championship. Two of the best wrestlers in the promotion pull out ALL the stops, throwing everything they have at each other- after Alberto survives El Fin del Mundo by having the presence of mind to grab the ropenote , Johnny one-ups him when Alberto puts him in the arm bar by flipping his entire body over on the mat to grab the out-of-reach rope with his foot!
  • Aerostar hitting a flip piledriver off the top rope on Jack Evans, a move better known as the Canadian Destroyer!
    • In the same episode, we'll get to see Pentagon Jr. hitting both Sexy Star and Fenix with a Gory Bomb/Package Piledriver at the same time!
  • Drago returns!
  • Vampiro accepting Pentagon Jr's challenge.
  • A meta one for the promotion itself. It got nominated for an Emmy. A FREAKING EMMY!!!
  • The season 2 trailer, from start to finish. Rey Mysterio's appearance at the end would cause many a fangasm from viewers.
  • In a meta example Lucha Underground is now greenlighted for a third season and it just had one episode out of season 2 already finished!
  • The Last Man Standing Match between Fenix and King Cuerno.
  • In Season 2 Episode 4, Prince Puma has the chance to do what Pentagon Jr has done to so many others and break his arm. Instead, Puma let go of the hold, proving himself the better man in front of everyone.
  • The announcement that Lucha Underground would be doing their first ever live show at South by Southwest 2016.
  • Fenix regaining the Gift of the Gods Championship in a Ladder match, and the episode ending with the personifications of life (Fenix) and death (Mil Muertes) staring down one another as it seems only a matter of time before they fight.
  • Austin Warfare, the first Lucha Underground live show outside of the Temple at SXSW 2016, was a conveyor belt of incredible moments.
    • First was a four way match between Drago, Son of Havoc, Aerostar, and Pentagon Jr. Awesome performances from everyone involved. Aerostar's dive off the second floor balcony in that match was the defining moment, but there were plenty of other great ones, like Pentagon putting Aerostar through a table and proving his slap is as loud live as it is in the show, and Drago throwing Pentagon into Son of Havoc with a hurricanrana. Finally, Pentagon gets the win with a Gory Bomb/Package Piledriver combo to Drago AND Aerostar.
    • Pentagon Jr. was also for sure the star of the night. He got the loudest pop during his entrance, got a huge cheer during his post match promo, had the most fans dressed up as him, and was definitely acting like a face the entire time and loving it.
    • Next, Vampiro comes out to talk about how thrilled everyone is to be taking LU on the road, at least until his psychiatrist comes out to stop the fun. Claiming all the violence and booze around is going to adversely affect Vampiro's recovery, he tries to get Vampiro to leave, but Vampiro tells him to suck it. The psychiatrist responds by summoning two orderlies, and Vampiro looks about to give in.....then lays both of them out with chokeslams, and hits the Nail in the Coffin on the doctor.
    • Then Mil Muertes and Catrina appear and intimidate Vampiro out of the ring, before announcing that Fenix has to defend the championship shot he'll get for the belt (Austin Warfare happened the day before Fenix turned in his Gift of the Gods title), and if he loses he can't ever have a title match shot again. Fenix appears and they turn in a great match that goes almost everywhere in the building. Even with Mil Muertes throwing Fenix into the crowd (taking out a guy who wasn't paying attention in the process) and smashing a guitar over his head Jeff Jarrett style, Fenix hung on and got out a victory.
    • Taya and Ivelisse have an excellent fight that shows both women to be amazing contenders with plenty of spite to go around for each other, and that ends with Taya tapping out.
    • Finally, a six man tag match which pits Cage and two partners of his choosing against Johnny Mundo and two partners of HIS choosing. Mundo arrives first and announces his teammates: Jack Evans and PJ Black (which becomes awesome in hindsight when those three end up becoming trios champs). After some fantastic trash talk from all three, Cage interrupts and announces his first teammate: Prince Puma. Puma arrives and after building up the crowd....talks for the first time! (Keep in mind, Puma hadn't talked on TV up to this point.) After a brief speech, Puma brings out the third member of the team... Rey Mysterio! Again, Aztec Warfare II wasn't for another week, so anyone at Austin Warfare got to see Rey Mysterio a week before his actual debut on Lucha Underground.
    • Then all six men proceed to burn the house down, with highlights like Puma leaping over a turnbuckle to the outside like it's nothing, and a 450 powerbomb from Cage. All of it was capped off by Cage, Mysterio, and Puma hitting triple 619's in stereo, Cage whopping Jack Evans with a discus clothesline, and Puma's classic 630 splash.
  • The match that follows Fenix turning in the Gift of the Gods Championship. At this point it's fair to say any match between Mil Muertes and Fenix will be one of these.
    • Matt Striker's end of episode hype of Aztec Warfare counts as well.
  • Pentagon Jr. making his return to The Temple in "The Contenders" and doing so by breaking Chavo's arm and taking his spot in the match.
  • Season 3 of Lucha Underground begins on September 7th, with 40 new Episodes!
  • If you can't make it to the Temple, never fear. Lucha Underground has announced they plan to start doing live shows seven months of the year!
  • Prince Puma returning to the Temple after being put in a coffin by Mil Muertes, then being brought back to life by Vampiro. Remember, being put in a coffin in the LU universe actually means death, so Puma has figuratively AND literally beaten death to roll back in and beat Mil Muertes down with a kendo stick and cost him a match against Jeremiah Crane.
  • At Triplemania XXIV, Lucha Underground put on a special trios dream match, pitting the technicos team of Rey Misterio Jr., Prince Puma and El Dragon Azteca Jr. against the rudos team of Matanza, Mil Muertes and Marty "the Moth" Martinez, introduced by Vampiro who then joined Matt Striker on the English commentary. Three of the most agile luchadors in the world take on two of the biggest monsters in LU (and Marty). Rey wrestled wearing the boots of the late Perro Aguayo Jr. in tribute to his fallen friend and led the tecnicos to victory after Puma and Dragon took out Matanza and Mil by delivering a 619/Frog Splash combo to Marty for the pin.
  • Another meta example. Luis Fernandez-Gil is an actor that had mainly had only bit parts in TV shows or movies. In his first year in the wrestling business, portraying Dario Cueto, he received the Wrestling Observer's Best Non-Wrestler Award, which has been won in the past by Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, and "Stone Cold" Steve Austinnote . He would then win it again the next year.

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