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  • Toni taking exactly zero shit from Brad's predatory boss Ann Eiffel ("You touch me again, Miss Eiffel, and I'll give you an eye full of my fist"). Too bad Ann responds by firing Brad.
  • When Quill finally tells Tiffany to back off, in public no less. Too bad this moment comes with a slice of Protagonist-Centered Morality, as he does so in the middle of a stage rehearsal, and receives not a single reprimand for it.
    • Plus it finally put an and to the repeated rivalry between Luann and Tiffany, where both of them are constantly competing for the same guy's affections (Quill was the 3rd boy in a row this same love triangle had occured with).
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  • The series of strips that starts here. Tiffany tricks Dirk into thinking Toni has moved away, which quickly turns into a game of Xanatos Speed Chess with some absolutely brilliant improvising on her part. Even though he later figured out she was lying, he was initially convinced she was being honest with him. Even Alpha Bitches have their moments.
  • After years of everyone letting Bratty Half-Pint Shannon do whatever she wanted without complaint or rebuke, someone finally, finally calls the kid out on her behavior (in this case, Luann during a babysitting gig). Unfortunately, Luann's chewing-out was completely ignored by Shannon. And Toni's response upon returning home was pretty much "Yeah, I know she's horrible; that's why I ask you to babysit her so often."


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