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  • Not from the series itself, but when Ron Burgundy does a fictional newscast on you, you know you've made it.
  • Ciaran Madden arrests Fran single handedly when backup takes too long. It's acknowledged in universe by his colleagues.
  • Fran successfully fighting off an attempt on his life in prison, with only a razor blade stuck into a toothbrush handle.
  • A grim moment for her, but Siobhán, despite being drunk and high, realising she's given too much away of her Garda involvement to Paulie and shoving him off the balcony.
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  • Darren and Nidge's Batman Gambit to take out John Boy. Darren is ordered by John Boy to take out Ado for supplying Debbie with heroin. A masked gunman enters the pub and aims at Ado, while John Boy looks on. This is just a decoy for Darren to walk right up to John Boy and shoot him. As a result, Darren is now free from John Boy's debt and Nidge is free to take control of the gang and keep Siobhan out of the life of a mule.

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