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Ruby's Side

  • Ruby is able to take a moderately corrupt port city and turn it into a thriving center of global trade.
  • Her efforts to enforce justice on Remnant's seas causes a significant worldwide drop in piracy rates.
  • Her end-of-sim character description is suitably badass:
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  • Turn 4: She creates her own version of Crescent Rose in the sim, effectively pioneering transformative weapons hundreds of years ahead of schedule.
  • The Best Guest Arrives: Ruby and Marcus's reaction to the absurdity that is the Norman military's armaments is simultaneously awesome and hilarious. In an era where the rest of the world is outfitted with smoothbore cannons and flintlock firearms, they are equipped with modern rifles and howitzers.
  • A Hunter's Call: Despite being ripped apart by Beowolves in-sim, once Cody awakens in Beacon he immediately calls for his team and his weapon so as to rejoin the fight against the Grimm.
  • Turn 13:
    • Ruby is able to exact a measure of revenge upon Sherwood for the bombing of her docks when her fleet drives eight of Lily's ships into a reef and bombards them with cannon fire.
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    • Not to be outdone, Lily organizes an alliance with Lamplight Landing and coordinates a successful assault on Ruby's own fleet, managing to destroy thirteen Silversun ships in the process.
  • Turn 13 War Report: A villainous example for Lily. Thanks to Ruby allying with Alexandria, Lily immediately gains new allies in the form of Neil Pine and Varric Brassbones who assist her in successfully repelling an assault from Red Claw Hill. Also, because Ruby had formally declared war upon the kingdom of Sherwood, Lily had her agents in Silversun ransack the Academy and confiscate Ruby's advanced ironclad ship designs, one of the major advantages Ruby was counting on in the coming conflicts.
  • Turn 14:
    • Another example for Lily. Her fleets manage to successfully bypass Ruby's ships surrounding the island iron mine and confiscate it for Sherwood, both severely limiting Silversun's ship producing capabilities and securing said resources for Sherwood's own ironclads. The failure is so severe that Ruby considers flogging and keel hauling her crewmen who failed to prevent such a monumental disaster.
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    • Ruby manages to get in contact with Mikael, one of the three players who expressed interest in a political marriage with her and a subordinate of Cinder Fall. He is able to supply her with the evidence she needs to prove wrongdoing on Sherwood's part which she then uses to clear her name by broadcasting it to the rest of the world using the Normandy communication towers.
  • Purge the Darkness:
    • Ruby and Aurora entirely purge the Grimm of Lamplight Landing.
    • Props to the Ghouls as well. Despite Ruby using her Avatar Form, they still managed to almost lethally injure a Paragon.
    • Oscar Diggs saves the entirety of the reserve force from a downed Tyrant Scale. Just as one would expect from a young Professor Ozpin.
  • Marque of Death: The entire confrontation against Mad God Samael.
  • Turn 20: Not only does Ruby successfully survive the sim, she also forged Menagerie into Remnant's only continent to be virtually free of Grimm.

Jaune's Side


  • Cardin Winchester of all people manages to become an amazingly caring person during his time as pope. His worry for others and constant efforts to bring about peace make it so that almost everyone in the sim respects him, so much so that he is arguably the Big Good of the series and earns himself the title "Bastion of Peace."
    Bastion of Peace: He came into this word a bigot full of hate. Ten years later, he has become a true friend to all, and an enemy to those who would harm others for their own gain. His faith in God is only trumped by his Faith in others.
  • Grimm Tidings:
    • Even if her efforts were doomed from the start, Danielle still attempted to fight a Mad God for the sake of her people.
    • The Redclaw Titan and Mad God of Rot provide an excellent example of how horrifically dangerous their kind are when they casually destroy Redclaw Hill.
  • Cardin delivers an incredible Rousing Speech to the rest of the world during the Turn 15 aftermath, urging them to set aside their differences, forget their past grudges, and unite in the face of the oncoming threat. It does a lot to show how far he's come during his time in the sim.
  • On a meta level, almost the entirety of the story's characters are fleshed out through fan contribution.


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