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  • Beating Battletoads That is all.
  • The Catchphrase "You're gonna die, a lot" has become so well-known that The Spoony One and Angry Joe have adopted it.
  • LordKaT, Taurevanime, Behemoth, and Final_Freek completing a 20+ minute Survival match on Onslaught mode. Note the amount of kills at the end.
  • The Turkey Day 2010 Marathon: MST3K for three days, huzzah!
  • LordKat becoming "Lord Saviour of Tribes". The LordKat wiki describes it best:
    LordKaT, itching to play the 1998 freeware multiplayer FPS Starsiege: Tribes, finally finds a modded .exe that works on Windows 7 64-bit. Later that evening he starts up the LK Mafia server, and usuals from the LordKaT Mafia join in. Shortly thereafter, new faces invade LordKaT Live, IRC spamming Tribes links and acting like 6 year old boys on Christmas Day. After getting banned, and then unbanned, we meet our newest friends, Omerta and Mango. Omerta kept calling LordKaT "Lord" and once he got on Stream and called LK "The Savior of Tribes." Apparently only 40 or so people worldwide were still playing Tribes, and on this day alone there were hundreds of IPs hitting the directory servers.
    • Made slightly less awesome by the fact that Omerta attempted to hijack LK's server, giving himself admin powers even beyond what Jason has, but he was eventually dealt with.
  • His beating of The Adventures of Bayou Billy, then saying that it was too easy, and wanting to go back to harder games.
    • Couldn't it be said that these moments happen every time he beats a hard game that has haunted gamers everywhere?
  • Jason's final verbal admonishment to Big Fazeek, delivered after 3 hours of putting up with the man's stupidity (which included a ton of Blatant Lies, bringing attention-whoring acquaintances into the call for "backup", and—when all else failed—pretending his microphone wasn't working):
    "...I am going to tell you this, and if you're not paying attention to me, this will ruin your life: I would stop doing whatever the fuck it is you're doing right now. Get off Twitter, get off Facebook, get off Youtube, because you're just going to turn into Chris Chan. All right, you need to straighten up your fucking life, or something, because... Oh, and by the way, I'd seriously kiss Mr. Commodore'snote  ass from now until the day you die, because he fucking owns you right now. And you know exactly what I'm talking about. So, clean up your fucking life, and...I'm going to bed."
  • Jason riding out Hurricane Irene in his apartment after his neighborhood was evacuated.
    • Not only did he stay put for the duration of the storm, but he positioned a camera outside his window so that livestream viewers could watch the progress of the storm 24/7!
  • In January of 2012, the Livestream surpassed eleven million views — more than all of TNA's Pay-Per-View specials combined.
  • On the day L.A. Noire was released, Jason promised a livestream of the game (as he has done with numerous other new releases). However, while he was in the process of streaming the installation of the game on his Xbox, Take-Two Interactive (the studio that created the game) issued a DMCA notice, without contacting Jason, causing the stream to be shut down for about 12 hours. By the time the people at got the mess sorted out, it was after midnight. Jason came back on, explained the situation, vented his frustrations and then exclaimed, "Fuck it. I promised I would stream L.A. Noire, and that's what I'm going to do." And then he did (completing a sizable chunk of the game in the process).
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  • This Tankball session opening on Dead Center counts as a moment of awesome and a moment of funny. Lordkat manages to not only jump over a Tank, but then dodge another Tank on fire, THEN get stuck in the elevator with the flaming Tank, surviving long enough for the elevator to reach the ground floor.
  • Coming back from the DMCA launched by TNA, Jason opened up with an explanation of what had happened over the last couple of days. After discussing the TNA issue, Jason turns to the complaints he's received about not streaming enough gaming-related content, especially those from fellow TwitchTV streamers. This is his response to them:
    "...Why do I get hundreds of viewers, sometimes thousands of viewers, and I'm not playing a video game, when you play StarCraft II and you get like five people watching you, or, when you play League of Legends and you get like two people watching you? And you bitch endlessly about it and you wonder why I'm a Partner and you're not. I'm a Partner and you're not because I can network. I'm a Partner and you're not because I provide good, top-quality content. I'm a Partner and you're not because I'm dedicated to my craft. The reason I get a thousand viewers because we're derping around in the tabletop game is because I'm fucking talented and you're not. Let that sink into your head for about an hour, then go cry to Mommy.
  • Like most U.S. citizens, Jason was less than thrilled when he was selected for jury duty in the summer of 2012. Nonplussed, he showed up at the courtroom dressed in shorts, a Team Fortress 2 tee shirt, and sneakers (sans socks), and tried to find out as much about the case as he could. In the end, the state's attorney excused him from jury duty — not because of his attire or his demeanor (he was perfectly polite), but because he asked too many questions and was too knowledgeable about the legal system for his opinion to be swayed.
  • His return to making 'Until we win' videos, after he'd stop doing so for a long time.
  • The fact that his many detailed rants about TGWTG, when put together, last for over seven hours. See for yourself.
  • At the end of the LK Live episode MovieBob is a Dick so titled in response to Bob Chipman's response to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's use of the term apartheid (It refers to the segregation of augmented humans as a "Mechanical Apartheid") in relation to the Charleston church shooting Jason verbally takes Bob apart on the matter.
    • "Goodnight, And Good Luck."


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