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  • During Oa's last stand, Green Lantern John Stewart and several recruits distract Relic so the rest of the Green Lantern Corps can escape. To get Relic's attention, they create the biggest constructs they can make. For most of them, it's a giant version of themselves, but in John's case, he makes a Humongous Mecha that would make any mecha fan proud. An epic battle ensues.
    • To give John and the other recruits time to escape, Green Lantern recruit Ergann makes a Heroic Sacrifice to stall Relic. This frail, elderly recruit is not afraid to die and his death proves he was more than worthy of the ring.
  • Kyle Rayner gets possessed by no less than six of the embodiments of the emotional spectrum and manages to suppress them to the point that he's in control of his body.
  • The finale has a great battle between Relic and the combined forces of the Green Lantern Corps, Red Lantern Corps, Indigo Tribe, White Lantern Kyle Rayner, and the Templar Guardians. The Red Lanterns (and Green Lantern recruit Jruk) tear up Relic's spaceship and push it into the Source Wall, where it becomes part of it. Most of the lanterns distract Relic so Hal, Guy, John, and Kyle can get past Relic's defenses by having the Indigo Tribe teleport the four past them. The combined effort manages to defeat Relic, with the emotional entities except for Black Hand and Parallax sacrificing themselves to replenish the emotional energies of the universe, and Kyle forcing Relic (and briefly himself) into the Source Wall.

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