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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The opening cinematic is fantastic, with both Lightning and Snow kicking some serious Anubys ass, and Snow freezing one of their massive axes into a weapon twice the size. Then they turn on each other, leaping all over the place and trashing the room to remind you that this is indeed Final Fantasy.
  • It's been unclear to what extent Noel is allied with the Children of Etro and their murders. Answer: He's pissed. After railing off at them for spilling innocent blood, he and Lightning team up to kick their asses without breaking a sweat.
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  • One for the Angel of Valhalla. When you first see it, it's lying nearly dead beside a Chocobo Eater...which only has around 10% of its total health. Given the struggle it can give you later in the game, the fact that the Angel presumably did so much damage by itself is pretty awesome. Likely even more awesome after the reveal that it's a reincarnated Odin.
  • The entire Savior play in Yusnaan. Yes, getting all those fireworks and the Midnight Mauve did take quite a bit of work, but it was definitely worth it in the end. She is absolutely beautiful in the dress, and proves to be quite a natural in the role. Plus the play itself is quite the spectacle to behold and ends in a big bang.
    • Depending on when you do this, the play can be an early hint about what Lightning's hidden agenda is. She basically announces her intention to utterly END Bhunivelze if he screws her over, just like she blew up that statue. Better yet, if you wander around Yusnaan afterwards, some NPCs may remark that the whole "savior defeating God" thing is entirely new to the pageant, and they LOVE it!
  • Lightning's entire "World of Cardboard" Speech right before you head into the final battle.
    "Bhunivelze, god of light. What is a human's strength, when measured against your power? It would be madness to fight you. But... I am more than a human now. I have been remade by the gods. I will lead the dead... and drag you down into the Chaos. You're finished."
  • The entire final battle itself. Final Fantasy has always been known for its incredibly epic final boss fights, but this one truly takes the cake. Rather than fighting to bring down a tyrant or save the world from destruction, the world has already been destroyed: now all the souls of humanity (and by extension, the very concept of human existence) are on the line, being held hostage at the whims of the god of the universe, and unlike any other Final Fantasy game, only Lightning stands in his way. He also has four forms, and each one becomes stronger than the last which means this is not a case of a Clipped-Wing Angel battle.
    • Lightning also has new quotes that were clearly made just for this battle. "The Chaos will be your grave!"
      • "God is dead!"
    • Using Army of One against the final boss. "YOU WILL DIE, BHUNIVELZE!"
    • Also, Lightning's final attack on the Final Boss: Last Resort, Hope's Limit Break note  and her words, too.
    Lightning: Hope! The last soul I save... will be yours!
  • Just as Lightning and Fang convince Vanille of her other option regarding all the souls, the fanatical high priestess takes matters into her own hands, nearly completing the Soulsong and taking Vanille's life. Then the roof begins shaking, Lightning and Fang share a look and charge right through the last defenders... and Snow crashes through the ceiling. Fang throws her spear into the air with 'Destroy it!', he catches it, and destroys the Holy Clavis with all his might (even vaporizing the high priestess in the process).
    Snow: Am I late?
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  • When Lightning is asked if she really thinks she can destroy God, her response is a simple, heartfelt and utterly terrifying 'I wouldn't bet against me.'
  • As Lightning and Hope try and hold back Bhunivelze with the help of their Eidolons, they initially seem overwhelmed by his attacks as they keep getting through and destroy what is assumed to be old world and the Ark. Right as Lightning says she'll never give, Snow shows up with the Shiva sisters to correct her, saying "''We'll'' never give up!". He is followed swiftly by Noel and Brynhildr, Vanille and Hecatoncheir and Fang and Bahamut. After sending the Eidolons to stun Bhunivelze quickly, Sazh and Dajh show up along with Serah and Mog. As Bhunivelze advances for the final time, Lightning combines their power and the souls of humanity to strike the god down, but not before giving one final speech.
    Lightning: Know this, Bhunivelze: it wasn't just me who destroyed you. You've been defeated by a power that you never understood. A power that you cannot see. It comes from the bonds of love that unite us. Together... We change the world.
  • After the battle, it becomes clear that someone must take Bhunivelze's place for there to be SOME semblance of order to keep the world stable, though this involves being trapped within the realm of Chaos alone to control and become its master. If it wasn't for the timely intervention of Caius and Yeul, Lightning was willing to brave the isolation and become this universe's incarnation of Chaos.

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