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  • The NERVA nuclear rocket project, used to propel Churchill from LEO to the alien ship, actually existed, albeit never as flight-capable hardware thanks to the general withdrawal from manned space exploration and the political difficulties around nuclear propulsion in general. Seeing NERVA turn up in a film, especially a film with as little concern for scientific accuracy as this one, was a treat.
  • Uh, how about the fact that Mathilda May walks around in her birthday suit for the entire film? Possibly the bravest thing that any actress has ever done. She even puts Natasha Henstridge and Milla Jovovich to shame! Mathilda deserves a medal.
    • Also, the fact that, while she wouldn't do it again, Mathilda has gone on record saying she's not ashamed of having played the part and has no regrets. This woman must have confidence most of us can only dream of.
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  • The entire end sequence where London is overrun by zombie/vamps reaches apocalyptic heights rarely seen even today in movies.

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