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Series.Life (NBC Live-Action Television series)

  • The scene in "Powerless" where Dani, who's being held hostage, is forced to drink one of the biggest bottles of vodka you'll ever see. She's still lucid enough to give the bad guy a Shut Up, Hannibal! speech, and when he looks away for a second as Crews and Stark are about to bust down the door, Dani picks up the empty vodka bottle and hits the bad guy over the head with it. Hard. Awwwwwwwwesome.
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  • In "Fill it Up," the last episode of Season One, Crews brings in the guy who actually killed his friend and his friend's family, and everyone in the squad room applauds.
  • In season two, Crews gets shot. He takes the bullet, melts it down into a new bullet, and shoots the man responsible with it.
    "That one was yours. The next one's mine."
  • Crews' Holy Backlight moment in the season one finale.
  • In "Re-Entry", they bust through a door and find a bunch of geeks gathered around a solid yellow cube. Reese, Crews and the HAZMAT guy don't know what it is, so Crews cuts a corner off, puts it on the ground outside and sets fire to it. It makes a column of white flames that goes up to the sky… Solid rocket fuel!
  • The hitman... woman... hitwoman from one episode basically has one in every single scene, showing off her mastery of Improvised Weapons, including taking down one cop with a cold pill. Making it all the more awesome when Charlie manages to outsmart her at her own game by disabling her truck with soda.
  • Charlie's roommate Ted, a physically unimpressive white-collar criminal who was nearly killed during his first stint in prison, is locked up again as a threat to Charlie. The first time another inmate tries to attack Ted, he discovers that Ted is under the protection of two of the biggest guys on the cell block thanks to Charlie's intervention.
    • While Ted's in prison, he teaches the inmates financial planning.
    • And later, right before Ted is released, he's being taunted by the same inmate, who's mocking him for hiding behind his Charlie-assigned bodyguard. Ted tells the bodyguard to stand down and agrees to fight the guy. When told he doesn't have to, all he says is, "Yes I do." He loses - badly - but keeps his dignity.
  • Another Ted moment: learning his estranged daughter has an infant son, and then promptly confronting the kid's deadbeat dad in the most badass way possible.
    Ted: I'm the grandpa you didn't want to meet.
  • In the series finale, Roman officially makes the jump from Smug Snake to Magnificent Bastard when he breaks through the fourth wall, killing the cameraman and using the camera to make a ransom video.
  • And in the last scene, Crews kills Roman with his bare hands in a car full of armed bodyguards. And then he convinces the guards to throw in with him by simple logic.
    • This requires some elaboration: Crews asks Roman if he knew how Crews lasted twelve years in prison.
      Roman (laughing): "Your Zen?"
      Crews: "No." (crushes Roman's larynx with one punch) "Like that."
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    • While Roman slowly asphyxiates in the seat beside him, Crews then calmly explains to the bodyguards, who have all pulled their guns on him, that whatever hold Roman had on them and their families died with him. Crews more or less walks out of the car and the bodyguards proceed to torch Roman's body and the car. Crews being Crews had also arranged for the whole matter to take place in an orchard he owned (not that anyone would really miss Roman).
  • Rudolf Farthingale, a very ordinary man who worked for the IRS, wanted a more exciting life. So what did he do? He took on two completely different personas- one physical, one mental- and decided to find a bomber that nobody else could, and not only did he find the guy, he kept up his personas to the point that not only was he married to two different women for years and neither of them had a clue that he wasn't who he said he was, at least one of his coworkers had no idea that he wasn't just a shy, ordinary man doing his job.