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  • Just as Superman is about to be overwhelmed by the escaped super villains. The Justice League arrives guns blazing.
    • Superman himself gets one right before. Even though he's outnumbered and severely weakened by Metallo, he still holds his ground, telling Luthor and the others that they're "not going anywhere".
    • An awesome Meta moment is that several voice actors from other well loved shows reprise their roles, making it like a big gathering.
  • Joker, of all people and Livewire save Harley and the others from the Crime Syndicate.
  • During the cutscene at the end of level 10, when Lex reveals he's going to betray his Legion teammates and the Syndicate, the custom character becomes angry and sabotages his plan.
    • The same scene opens with the Joker kicking at the door locking up him and several other villains. When Johnny and Atomica try to hold the door closed, he kicks hard enough to not only to force the door open, but also send the other villains into a pile before him. If that wasn't enough, he growls this line in a tone quiet enough that let's you know he's pissed:
      Joker: (practically seething) Right! Now, I want to have a word with Lex.
  • Several of the Green Lantern's arriving to help the Justice League fight Darkseid.
  • Flash and Reverse Flash teaming up to intimidate Johnny Quick into confessing the truth.
    Johnny Quick: Hey, let's be reasonable here. How about I give you your old job back?
    Flash: Too late for that now. Tell me what you're up to.
    Johnny Quick: You're a good guy. You wouldn't hurt me, would you?
    Flash: Maybe, maybe not.
    Reverse Flash: Better tell him, Johnny. I've never seen him like this.
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  • The voice cast alone, including Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as Joker, Tara Strong as Raven and Greg Cipes as Beast Boy, Riddler and Hugo Strange played by their Arkham series actors, fan favourite John Barrowman returning to play Malcolm Merlyn, and for fans of Steven Universe, hearing both Steven and Sapphire's actors in small roles.
  • The Legion of Doom and the Justice League working together to defeat Darkseid's forces and the [1], not only saving the custom character but also the ENTIRE universe as well!