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  • Steve finally growing a pair in "Misunderstanding" when his ex-wife moves to Cincinnati.
    Steve: Eat a dick, Todd. You're not her dad. And if you poke me in the chest again, I'll rip your dick off.
    • Followed by telling off his bitch of an ex-wife.
    Steve: Now is the start of my non shitty life. You moving away is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.
  • When the guys lose the van, Billy's wheelchair, and get a beatdown when they win it back fair and square in "Checkmate", Janice steps in and...tells their mom. They give it back.
  • Billy moving his fingers at the end of "Rub & Slide".
  • Janice finally telling Jim's Attention Whore of a mom to stop taking him for granted during "Afghanistan".
  • Jim socking Steve when he mocks Katie for aborting his potential kid during "Weekend".