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Awesome / Legends Of The Fourth Of July Coreline

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  • First chapter of this fan fiction: Mari Makinami, Captain America, versus two super villain teams, and she is unpowered. The result? A bunch of stealth takedowns and a free-for-all not unlike that of the Batman Arkham Series (so much that Joker R actually believes for a moment that it is a Bat raining on his parade... and this makes him ecstatic).
    • It really bears mentioning the kind of thugs that make up both gangs; amalgams of Bane, Killer Croc, Venom, a wielder of a Sinestro Corps ring, and more. And Cap Mari took them all down with minimal effort, through a combination of stealth tactics and clever use of her weapons and equipment.
  • The scene where Steve Rogers/Cap and Mari/Cap team up to take down UltronbusterGoldie. Two Captain Americas fighting side by side against a common enemy. It was at this point that you knew that Goldie was completely and hopelessly screwed. All that was left was to watch the epic asskicking that was about to unfold.

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