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  • Astrid's tendency to One-Hit Kill enemies - not to mention dealing the killing blow on all of the bosses thus far in the campaign.
  • The recurring tendency for Fairfax's disguises and the plans based on them to be Crazy Enough to Work.
  • The part chase down Tim the Snake Eye across the rooftops of Dunmire and see him disappear down a chimney. Fairfax immediately jumps down from the roof and rolls a Natural 20 to lockpick the door and break into the house and cut Tim's escape, with Thran'duin and Astrid manning the roof while Kars lags behind.
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  • Thran'duin rolling a Natural 20 to fire a grappling hook arrow into the walls of the the Dunmire Manion, enabling him and Fairfax to scale it - essentially defeating the odds and doing the impossible.
  • Kars knocking both of Zattar's allies out with Color Spray during the confrontation with the wizard, making what should have been a difficult battle into an Anti-Climax Boss situation in which Zattar is almost instantly killed by Thran'duin and Astrid.
  • Along the road to Trudgedale, the party encounter a werewolf and manage to defeat it, which is no easy task. Though Astrid is bitten and temporarily afflicted with Lycanthropy.
  • In Trudgedale, Fairfax accidentally picks a fight with two arena fighters after they cut him in line while buying potions. Due to the literal turn-based fighting system the fighters use in the arena, he manages to kill both of them fairly easily and becomes a local celebrity known as "The Manager" (as he introduced himself as the manager of the arena's current champion). As the group's weakest combatant, it's a special moment for Fairfax.
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  • Also in Trudgedale, Astrid challenges numerous opponents in the arena and wipes the floor with all of them - even cleaving two goblins at once, and even after struggling against one opponent manages to kill him. Then she finally faces the Arena Champion - Rektorus who is revealed to be a Hammer and Child of Erythnul like Astrid. Thran'duin makes a last ditch effort to blind Rektorus with a mirror (forcing the DM to roll what would have been a critical hit again which results in a critical miss), which gives Astrid the edge she needs to completely eviscerate him, breaking his legs and forcing him to kneel before him, and before she kills him she whispers "Erythnul chose me" and decapitates him to thunderous applause, becoming the new Champion and the first to earn the title on their first time in the Arena (and the first female champion as well). A statue is even planned to be erected in her honor in the Hall of Champions.
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  • Fairfax's interrogation of Lord Alister's adviser, Lars, in Trudgedale. When Astrid and Thran'duin slapping him around doesn't work, Fairfax calmly offers him a proposal and laces one glass of wine with a deadly poison and leaving another alone. He tells Lars that if he chooses the unpoisoned one he can walk free, but if he chooses the poisoned one he'll have to confess what he knows in the last few hours he has left - proposing an intellectual challenge based on chance. The situation puts so much pressure on Lars that he ends up confessing everything And Fairfax lets him go on the condition that he investigate matters in Ursa Rumora for him

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