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Awesome / Legend Of The Hunter

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  • Arthur claiming his name and escaping the Demon. No amount of dancing freefall or grisly death can take that away from him.
  • Sebastian is about to kill an innocent woman to exterminate the Demon, and Gwydian comes out of nowhere with a 200 mph punch, having just shot himself out of a cannon along with a bunch of MURDER CHAIRS.
    • And pauses to give his bro a thumbs-up as he zips past.
  • Esmerelda bombarding the Demon with ALL THE WEAPONS the readers suggested.
    • In fact, just about every time somebody humiliates or injures the Demon. It's just so satisfying to see that creature suffer!
    • Expecially when Sebastian not only BANISHING PAWNCHES the demon so hard in Esmerelda's mind that not only is it sealed off, but the force of the blow sends it's head flying clean off!
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  • "Mr. Horse", one of the legendary bartenders, helping the brothers in escaping Videgotto. By using pair of HOARZES as nunchucks.

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