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Awesome / Legacy Of Metal

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  • Given the latter's eventual track record, Rock fighting Zero to defeat is definitely this.
  • Any of X's Curbstomp Battles, but especially one-shotting Vile with the Hadouken.
  • Zero apparently went through the entirety of X5 with just one arm and no chance to rest.
  • But Blues gets the big one - in the verse, teleportation is incredibly dangerous to humans. Which means that in the Mega Man 4 endgame, he could not merely warp in with Kalinka in tow. No, he rescues Kalinka - a small, helpless child - and keeps them both alive on a weeks-long journey through the wilderness with Wily's forces pursuing all the while. He succeeds just in time to stop Mega Man and Dr. Cossack from killing each other. Big Damn Heroes indeed! The best part of it all is just how understated it is in his narration - Rock is utterly in awe of the feat, but Blues just glazes over it.
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  • RD-224 sacrificing himself to save the world.

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