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Awesome / Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure

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  • Six. Little. Words:
    • Immediately followed when Tramp gets at Reggie's mercy
    Scamp: Hey! Paws off my Pop! (bites Reggie in the tail, and he yelps in pain)
    • Eventually, Tramp defeats Reggie by slamming the cage door shut. Reggie bumps his head on the iron bars of his cell door, and he falls to the floor, unconscious.
  • Scamp saving Angel from the Dogcatcher.
  • Angel calling out Scamp for choosing to be stray then being part of a family.
  • A small moment, but Lady growling at the Junkyard Dogs when they disrupt her family's picnic was very admirable.
    • No. The main reason for that was that said Junkyard Dogs almost trampled her daughters. Lady's pissed.
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  • Sparky's retelling of The Tramp.
  • Scamp managing to get back at Buster for deliberately abandoning him by rigging a set of junk to end with Buster being caged.
    • The fact he was able to do all that with just one kick to a can.
  • Angel saving Scamp before the oncoming train approaches them.
  • Yes, they only did find a wig, but give Trusty his props: He's an old dog who managed to smell out the location where Scamp was.

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