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Awesome / La Quête de l'Oiseau du Temps

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  • The Rige's death, but really the Rige in his entirety. An extremely powerful warrior who is also very cunning and who can get vicious if you get to interest him enough. His introduction had him stop a huge beast charging him right in its tracks with just one blow of his axe.
  • Bulrog's sacrifice, getting infected with a particularly nasty case of the rabbies after getting a weakened Pelisse out of danger. He then decides to stay where they are, a gigantic library in which he will try to completely shed his old life as a violent mercenary and begin a new one as a peaceful seeker of knowledge. He then shows his face under his mask and has Bragon cut off his hand so that he can stop the disease from getting to his brain. Bragon then leaves his Faucheuse with his former apprentice.

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