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Outside the Loonaverse

  • DigiPedi's artistic decisions lead to this a lot, as there's often a climactic hook in the last part of the video that sells the music video that just makes watching it feel rewarding.
    • The painting effects taking over the home in "ViViD" perfectly replicate Surrealistic art, only for her to open her eyes and realize it was all in her head.
    • Kim Lip's lighting and outfit choices in "Eclipse" show that even a costume change can glue your eyes to the screen, as she seems to literally change into a different person with each scene change.
    • JinSoul blasting the bars of her cage outward in her solo and summoning a huge rainstorm. It's a perfect example of delayed gratification, since you don't realize you've been missing a rain scene the whole time until it's finally on you.
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    • Go Won's One&Only throws a huge curveball when after being an Elegant Gothic Lolita looking like the picture of a ghost or vampire for the whole video, she suddenly becomes a blonde queen who gets her own crown.
    • The final shot of Egoist, the last member's solo, hits a lot differently if you were present for a large chunk of LOONA's predebut project. Watching the first member meet the last to signal the end of one era and the start of another leaves you feeling a very raw energy.
  • "At its maximum power for the first time, LOOΠΔ's lead single 'favOriTe' declares the signature sound of LOOΠΔ at its complete form."
  • LOONA and dancing.
    • The group has earned much praise for how synchronized their choreography is, with "Butterfly" being noted as having one of the best choreographies in any Kpop group.
    • Their dance covers have also been praised by many; particularly their boy group choreos which they released on their official YouTube channel.
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    • The choreo for Olivia's solo "Egoist" contains a moment where she does a backwards somersault on the floor!
    • Some of the members have actually contributed to their own choreography. Choerry in particular came up with the choreography for her unit's song "Uncover" along with Kim Lip and JinSoul, their rendition of "Rosy" during one of the group's concerts, contributed to "Butterfly", and along with HeeJin, Yves, and Olivia, contributed ideas for "So What".
    • When Yves was revealed to be a new co-host for Fact In Star, she debuted her co-hosting duties by not only dancing a portion of "So What", but also by doing a cover of "Drip Drop" by Taemin.
    • During a So What-era dance challenge, LOONA were tasked with dancing, not part-switched, but blindfolded. Predictably, chaos ensued, but Kim Lip and HyunJin alone actually managed to do so near-flawlessly. (JinSoul and ViVi also did so, but they admitted to cheating and lifting the blindfolds).
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  • The entire "#" era is made of this. The "So What" choreography is some of their finest and most awe-inspiring yet. (For reference, the members have described performing the routine once as like performing the "Butterfly" choreography four times.) Special mention also goes to the fact that the freaking founder of SM Entertainment (the company behind gold-standard Girl Groups and Boy Bands like Girls' Generation, Red Velvet, Super Junior, and so on), Lee Soo-man, decided to invest in the "#" EP due to LOONA's viral dance cover of NCT-127's "Cherry Bomb." Turns out it was good enough to leave an impression not just on the public, but on a top K-Pop mogul too.
  • This performance video of "365" and "So What," particularly the latter segment, which features the following: an Epic Instrumental Opener, the satisfying STOMP of the members' boots as they dance, and the cinematic, action movie-worthy camera work. Female Avengers of K-Pop indeed.
  • LOONA's first music show win, a well-earned one after much suspected sabotage. It doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • On the stage shortly after receiving their first music show trophy, Chuu, JinSoul, and Kim Lip somehow still manage to sing live in the heat of the moment. JinSoul kills the high note even though she'd been crying and her microphone was off.
  • After LOONA returned with a vengeance via the visually stunning "So What," LOONA's artistic directors DigiPedi and Soulbriz manage to outdo themselves in "Why Not." The video is absolutely packed with an overwhelming amount of beautifully rendered symbolism and Wham Shots.
  • Behind the scenes of "Why Not," the members are pretty badass too. Kim Lip admitted to being terrified to go on a harness, to the point that she was crying, but pulled it off and gave the video one of its most glorious shots (Kim Lip soaring in the air like her animal, the owl). HeeJin also danced in front of fireworks like it was nothing and resident tough girl Olivia Hye bragged about not being afraid at all of doing the car stunts.
  • A minor one: The teaser for "New Moon", which heavily implied the return of HaSeul after a year's hiatus, sits at 850,000 views, the second-most for any teaser, in a matter of only two months. By comparison, the #1 most-watched teaser is X1X, which only achieved 900,000 views after two years. It will likely be the most-watched teaser within a year and the first one to hit 1,000,000—that's how much orbits love and miss her!
  • "Not Friends", a collaboration made with a well-known producer Ryan Jhun, and featured Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Yves as the starring roles of an action movie music video, showing the girls wielding guns and performing their own stunt choreography, and featured references to the lore that not everyone was expecting to see! Not to mention, the song itself was very catchy.

Within the Loonaverse

  • In-universe, ViVi's android status allows her to perform spectacular feats. She runs a 400-meter track in less than 50 seconds, beating out the entire women's records list for that run. The girl is fast.
  • ODD EYE CIRCLE are literally the superheroes of the universe. The description for "Butterfly" describes the power trio as such:
    With the story of three moons gathering to form a full circle, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry decide to stand at the frontlines to save the world, under their slogan "Girl Front."
  • "Hi High": Silly Love Songs and The Power of Friendship with a side of Big Damn Heroes. HeeJin walks on the sky by the end of the video!
  • The climax of "Why Not." The clock strikes midnight, and the members dance hard as the song swells to a chaotic and frenetic high point, paired with awesome sped-up shots. The energy is nothing short of epic.
  • Olivia sets the moon on fire. That is not an inference or a representative matter — she literally causes the whole moon, as in the one that orbits the Earth we live on, to go up in flames.
  • The "&2" trailer arrived at a time when many Orbits were uncertain about the future of the LOONAverse. It assured fans that the lore certainly did not end with "Why Not." In fact, things in the 'verse just keep on getting more and more epic! We dare you to watch this and not feel chills at the sheer awesomeness of DigiPedi's artistry.