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Storyteller and Players

  • Taking the controversial Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition and making one of the most popular web series on the net from it.
  • Jason Carl's Storytelling that manages to incorporate all elements of the World of Darkness (most Storytellers avoid crossovers due to the cheese factor), realism, and mood to make one of the best games that most viewers have ever seen.
  • Everyone's acting in this game is phenomenal and almost all of the characters are played by actors who manage to make them both likable as well as with Hidden Depths. It's impressive, too, for a tabletop roleplaying game to be so engrossing.

Season 1

  • Victor Dominating a singer into giving "the best performance of her life." Mundane Utility at its finest for a Ventrue producer.
  • X when he managed to make a Breath Weapon out of bunch of lard in a club's kitchen that he combined with fire to make a column of flame that incinerated a Gangrel attacker.
  • Victor blackmailing Magnificent Bastard Isaac Abrams into giving up the Valley to make him Baron of it. It shows, Anarch or not, he's still a Ventrue.
  • Subverted by the attack on The Thin Bloods' lab as they go in expecting to fight it out like a John Woo film and the inhabitants all scatter or fold like a deck of cards.
  • Victor taking a Refuge in Audacity by putting the FBI SAD agent on a cell phone video to his fans. This may have backfired, though as its followed by the club he's in burning down.
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  • The team corrupting a agent of the SAD and warping him into their loyal slave with nothing more than Nelli G's presence.
  • On a meta level, Carver showing up abruptly to announce the renewal of the show for a second season. Erika Ishii starts hyperventilating in excitement.

Season 2

  • Jasper pushing the Sheriff out of the parking lot roof and Victor's Badass Boast afterwards.
    Victor: Enjoy the view!
  • Jasper decapitating the Sheriff to protect Annabelle, complete with a Declaration of Protection.
  • Annabelle lecturing Victor and him being unable to refute her arguments. After all this time she spent being berated by him and everyone else, she becomes the reasonable one.

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