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  • In episode 124, Kurt recalls a time where while driving on icy roads, his vehicle began to spin out, causing him to slide sideways toward another vehicle. In a last ditch effort he hit the gas, and his car's back end snapped into place, bringing him to a stop in the lane next to the vehicle he nearly hit. The two drivers looked at each other, Kurt smiled and gave the other person a thumbs-up, then continued driving.
    • Episode 128 of FLOB as well as a special which also included recording that very episode were uploaded in the 6th of March 2012. This is the 1 year anniversary of Kurt's first video uploaded to Youtube... which is episode 1 of "Adventures in Minecraft" (That being the original name of Far Lands or Bust, since he didn't decide to start the journey until episode 11 and didn't rename it until some more episodes had been uploaded)
  • The Third Episode of the Hardcore Highlander series, specifically the ending, where Kurt and his temporary Wolfie replacement tear apart PauseUnpause. It's his maniacal response afterwards that really sells it.
    • From the same series is Kurt coming in second, losing to Guude, who had only half a heart left. Not bad for an explorer in a pvp series
      • Another example from UHC occurs in Season 4a, when Pause and Kurt lock eyes from across a forest... and Pause starts running like a bat out of hell while screaming "FUCK! KURT"S HERE! Kurt's here Kurt's here Kurt's here!". What makes it even better is that Kurt finally catches up, but is double-teamed by Guude and Pause, yet he chooses to stay and fight rather than run, which distracts and injures them both sufficiently for Kurt's team to win.
  • For the channel as a whole: On 30th of May, 2012 Notch tweeted Far Lands or Bust. Cue Kurt jumping from 31% of the Childs Play Charity to 50% within 24 hours, an amount that normally would take weeks.
  • Getting to talk to Notch live on the Qube Tubers Child's Play marathon on August 5, 2012.
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  • After reaching 100% of the goal for Child's Play Charity (a goal of $29,220), the goal was doubled to $58,440 in the hopes of reaching it by the end of the celebratory FLOB-ATHON 24 Hour Livestream weekend. This goal was not only reached, it was exceeded. All together, by the end of the livestream $70,470.83 was raised, all going to Child's Play.
  • Kurt saves Wolfie in episode 179.
  • For someone with no Vechs experience, Kurt does amazingly well leading the K.G.B.S through Spellbound Caves.
  • Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 9. Kurt survives the entire season without taking any damage. And not just by hiding in a hole, either. Kurt and his team spent several episodes running around in The Nether, fighting Ghasts and Blazes, both of which are extremely dangerous. And Kurt makes it out completely unscathed, a feat never before seen in Ultra Hardcore. Shame his team was too far behind to win....
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  • UHC Season 10 is one long Moment of Awesome for Kurt, with Episode 5 standing out in particular. Kurt takes leadership of Team Sobriety with amazing competency, masterminding the ambush that kills Genny and then flanking Team M.A.N. before charging in guns blazing and killing two of them while flushing the third right into his teammates, wiping their team without taking any casualties.
  • Kurt managing to land Bill and Jeb on the doorstep of the Astronaut Complex at KSC. For those who are not aware: Kurt managed to land the Minmus lander (which was low on fuel to begin with) on a very small target surrounded by obstacles that would instantly destroy the ship. In his own words: "Like a glove!"
  • The November 7, 2015 UHC for the Extra Life Charity: Kurt, for the first time in UHC history, has won a UHC competition, after losing the rest of his teammates of Pakratt, MCGamer and SethBling, by defeating the second-last remaining player JSano19. After so many close victories in past UHCs, the Iron Kurtain has truly stood, indeed.

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