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  • The marketing for the movie is similar to that of Godzilla (2014), barely showing the titular monster. What little we do see foreshadows the awesomeness of Kong, such as his hand swiping a helicopter, the distant shots from the perspective of the copters, or the shot of him rising up in front of a soldier.
    • Look closely. He's not just rising up over a soldier, he's rising up over two men who were having a knife fight. His head alone is large enough to highlight how insignificant their fight is.
  • This line, courtesy of Samuel L. Jackson's character, definitely counts as a Badass Boast. Doubles as Nightmare Fuel in context, as he's saying it at the tail end of his Sanity Slippage and Revenge Myopia.
    It's time to show Kong that MAN is king.
  • The breathtaking shots of Skull Island in the trailers, especially the ones that are homages to classic Vietnam War movie imagery, are just astonishing to look at and make the island seem incredibly vibrant.
  • A shot in the second trailer shows Kong with patches of his fur on fire, and he barely even seems to notice it.
  • In one trailer, Weaver casually shoots a Skullcrawler in the face with a flare gun.
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  • In the first scene, young Marlow facing Gunpei, who's armed with a shin-guntō sword, barehanded and managing to disarm him.
  • The bar fight in which we're introduced to Conrad - he first demolishes a guy coming at him from behind with a knife with his pool cue (and we were given no prior indication he was even aware of the guy). Then, when the man's accomplice starts throwing pool balls at him, he first dodges one at very close range, then smacks the second one back by using the cue like a baseball bat, knocking him clean out.
  • Nieves wants to abort the mission due to how dangerous the storm surrounding the island looks while Randa thinks this is their best and only shot. So they turn to leave it up to Packard. Packard decides to go for it and leads into the fray. The moment they enter everything rattles and alarms blare everywhere and it doesn't seem like the helicopters will make it. Yet the entire time Packard is calmly telling a story and keeps pushing everyone and before they know it the team clears the storm. Goes to show Packard's medals were not for decoration.
  • Despite having PTSD and being a bit of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander Cole has the wits to start slashing at the giant spider's legs, causing it to go on the defensive and even pulls Mills to safety.
    • Once the giant spider is seriously injured Packard finishes it off with a gooey Boom, Headshot!.
  • Conrad slicing through carnivorous birds with a sword, wading through potentially toxic gas, to get to an injured Slivko. He succeeds and they both live.
  • Kong vs the Mire Squid. Kong doesn't just win, he starts eating it alive!!
  • Weaver blowing apart and killing the Skullcrawler that was terrorizing the gang in the gravesite after it easily shrugs off stuff like an M2 machine gun and flamethrower attack. And just with a disposable lighter too.
  • Packard actually injures Kong with less equipment than when he started. With just a few bombs and napalm.
    • What's more he actually wins. He's pretty much a finger flick from killing an ancient kaiju before he's stopped by the protagonists.
  • Just Kong in general. He looks like he's more than capable of taking on Godzilla when Godzilla vs. Kong comes.
    • Like Godzilla, Kong is also shown to be a surprisingly intelligent opponent — even when he has the element of surprise, rather than charge into a fight empty-handed, he leaps down at a Skullcrawler with a huge boulder in his hands and cracks it against its head like he's dunking a basketball.
      • He uses a tree like a baseball bat against the head of one Skullcrawler. And just before that, he chafes off the branches in a manner not unlike unsheathing a sword.
    • Kong takes on two Skullcrawlers at the same time in hand-to-hand and utterly Curb-Stomping them.
      • He swings about a chain with a large boat propeller wrapped up in the business end, very much like a flail.
  • Kong rams his entire fist down a skullcrawler's throat and rips out its guts.
    • To help add on to these awesome moments. Aside from the two small ones? All of these were against Ramarak, THE ALPHA SKULLCRAWLER. The thing that is heavily implied to have murdered his own parents. This is not only him killing a Skullcrawler. This is him killing THE Skullcrawler.... and WINNING.
    • Even more awesome when one remembers again that Kong is a teenager by his species definition and not only managed to survive but also kill THE SUPREME Skullcrawler.
    • In addition, Kong has an unconscious Weaver in his hand for the whole last part of the fight, and manages enough control to not injure her at all, even when that same hand is pulled down the Skullcrawler's throat.
  • The post credit scene. Conrad and Weaver are shown images of an ancient mural MONARCH found showing a pterosaur, a moth, a three headed dragon; and a dinosaur with large dorsal spines. Brooks mutters, "Kong isn't the only king..." as the music reaches a crescendo, focusing on a mural of the dinosaur and dragon facing off, before it suddenly stops. Cut to black and cue a theatre-shaking, awe-inspiring, very familiar roar.
    • Just trying to think of how ancient man saw these great beasts at war makes one feel small. It brings to light that all those Titans, Beasts, and Gods in old legends are in fact real, and now they are returning to reclaim lost thrones...
  • The fact that this is one of the few films in the entire Kong franchise where he survives at the end.
  • The official Japanese poster for the film.
    • Translation: "On this island, man is the weakest of them all."
  • Right after Marlow draws his sword, he mutters "Death before dishonor" in Japanese. While it's a little cheesy, here it sounds absolutely epic. Then he proceeds to dodge the skullcrawler and slashes it with the sword (in slow motion).
  • One for Randa, when Packard confronts him. Despite the fact Packard is dangerously unstable and has his sidearm pointed at him, Randa's voice drops to a menacing tone and he started delivering a powerful Death Glare as he tells Packard about how the warship he served on was destroyed by a Kaiju, and how it lead him to search for more. By the time he's done, Packard is visibly nervous, quickly holstering his gun, and seems to be actually intimidated by the old sailor's glare.
  • The alpha Skullcrawler has Kong dead to rights and is about to finish him. Cue the two surviving non-action guys unloading a mounted machine gun on it and shooting it in the eye with a flare, respectively.
  • Samuel L. Jackson's performance as Packard is terrifyingly awesome, giving off a presence with such hatred and menace that, despite him being a puny human looking up at a skyscraper-sized ape, you don't doubt for a second he can take on Kong. Which he does. And wins. The Packard-Kong rivalry is more powerful than the Skullcrawler-Kong feud due to the actual emotions and hatred running through the rivalry.
  • In the novelization, during the standoff over Kong, Weaver defiantly tells Packard that he’ll have to kill her if he kills King.


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