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Awesome / Kirby of the Stars: The After Story

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  • The huge boost in writing quality of the rewrite in comparison to the beta. Justified, since Leer was just starting up writing when writing the beta, and now has more experience.


  • Bun Shaming the Mob and getting the villagers to stop rioting so that Fumu could properly talk to them.
  • After having had enough of Cappies distrusting Gooey with lumber work, among many other things, Sword has Gooey headbutt a large tree to show off his strength. It falls within seconds, getting everyone else's attention. Sword then proceeds to call out the nearby villagers for how they've been treating Gooey and persuades them to apologize. It's especially awesome because, as a squire, Sword normally refrains from drawing attention to himself, so it's the first time any of the Cappies have ever seen him speak his mind like that. Even better? He had no idea how well it would work, and knew it could have backfired, but he did it anyway.
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  • Kirby figures out a plan to defeat Unknown and save the Rainbow Islands by finding the Rainbow Drops, recreating the Rainbow Sword and confronting him in battle. The awesome part? He came up with the plan on his own before even leaving Grass Land.

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