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Awesome / King Arthur

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The film

  • Arthur himself: standing over the Saxon Chief as the man dies whispering "Arthur". Recalling his comment earlier that "everywhere I go, I hear this man's name whispered, like he was a god".
    • Tristan: Taking out the Britain traitor from nearly a mile away while said traitor was under cover.
      • His "I aim for the middle." line was also pure awesome.
    • Dagonet: Breaking the Ice.
    • Guinevere: Leading the Wode women in battle.
    • Launcelot: Taking on the Saxon Chief's son.
    • Saxon Chief: Taking out Tristan and his reaction to meeting king Arthur: "Finally, a man worth killing".
    • Arthur's threatening of the Bishop:
    Arthur: "You think very hard upon that vow, Bishop, for I will hold you to it. Break it, and no Roman legion, papal army, nor God himself will protect you. That is my word."

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