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  • The very first chapter sets the precedent for the awesome moments in this game. The backstory is that an unpleasant man named Tokio has kidnapped a girl and falls to an executioner (later revealed to be David) to come and save her. Tokio turns his arm into a gatling gun and tries to kill him, but to no avail as the executioner calmly follows him down the alley swatting bullets away with his katana as he runs away. When Tokio is finally cornered, the executioner raises his katana against a dark backdrop of the night sky as the rain turns red behind him. With this, the executioner utters the three words. "Killer is dead". This is followed by Tokio's blood splattering against a nearby wall. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first five minutes of the game.
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  • Confronting Victor. He's an insane skeleton music producer at the top of a massive skyscraper, and you have to ride a long elevator just to get up to him. After missing out on his monologues, Mondo decides they should cut to the fight. Victor's response? "I no longer need a body of flesh", as he reveals his true form.
  • The fact that, after many, many Suda and Grasshopper games featuring the moon as a highly prominent symbol, this game marks the first time in the developers' history that you actually get to go there.

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