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Android Kikaider

  • Every time Kikaider and Hakaider face is filled with epic.

Kikaider 01

  • Jiro and Ichiro teaming up usually leads to this. One of their best moments is in episode 19, when the brothers come together to trash Giant Devil.
  • Mari/Bijinder is also pretty cool, being a capable Action Girl able to fight on par with Ichiro, and she even saves him at several points. The final episode sees her taking on and defeating Hakaider all on her own.
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  • The final episode of the show is nothing less than awesome, with Kikaider, 01 and Bijinder all coming together to face down the forces of SHADOW and save Dr. Komyoji. In the end they combine their powers to destroy Hakaider and Zadam, triggering the bomb Dr. Komyoji planted and bringing about the end of SHADOW.

Kikaider: The Animation

  • Tragic as it was, the closing fight in the OVA series is nothing short of awesome looking.

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