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Awesome / Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

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  • Episode 11, Misaki and Hikaru managing to put up a good fight against Mao even with the device the Fujisaki Sisters planted on Hikaru that cuts her off from Misaki.
  • Episode 14, Misaki and Hikaru managing to stand against Blanche's Hyper Mode, which gives the angel more strength and speed than any other Angel Misaki had ever fought before.
  • Episode 15, the battle between Sai and Hatoko's Angels, Shirahime and Suzuka. Brief, but very cool.
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  • Episode 23, the battle between Hikaru and Wizard.
  • The final battle of the series, between Hikaru and Athena.
    • Particularly, the explosion of roses during the fight, beautifully done.


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