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Awesome / Kidnapped

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The book

  • The fact that David and Alan survive a shipwreck and successfully escape capture despite all the soldiers chasing them.

The series

  • Leopold has several of these over the course of the series, for his his ability to continue trying to escape and maintain some semblance of calm.
    • He escapes shortly after he's taken. They catch him, but still.
    • He gives himself an infection to make himself sick enough that his kidnappers have to call in a doctor, whose cell phone Leopold steals. Again he gets caught and backhanded across the face.
    • His conversation with Otto once he realizes the plan is to kill him:
    Leo: You believe in hell?
    Otto: Yeah.
    Leo: Me too.
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  • Knapp's backstory of climbing down a mountain with no shoes to escape a cult.
  • Dying Moment of Awesome: Otto
    "You listen to me now, kid! RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!