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Awesome / Kick-Ass 2

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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The heroes beating the shit out of sex traffickers and rescuing the women.
    • The teamwork they showed during this battle deserves a special mention.
    • Given the series' constant zigzagging through its tone, you can't help but feel like the mission is going to end horribly in some way. It seems this'll happen when Sergeant Stars and Stripes pulls out a gun, but it turns out to be a bluff. The whole thing is a complete win for the good guys.
  • Hit-Girl kicking ass while on top of a moving SUV. After she'd been in the blast radius of a grenade.
    • "Game on, cocksuckers!"
  • The final battle, particularly when Hit Girl takes the adrenaline and turns the tables on Mother Russia by stabbing her with a bunch of glass shards.
    • Even though Mother Russia overpowers Hit Girl throughout the fight, Hit Girl manages to pin her down to the floor at one point. Itís rather impressive considering that Mother Russia is bigger and stronger than her.
  • Kick-Ass beating The Motherfucker's face in for everybody he's hurt or killed.
  • Mindy's revenge on Brooke and her friends.
  • Every single hero in the city turns up to fight the supervillain army. It's as awesome as it sounds.
  • A villainous awesome moment for Mother Russia when she single-handily eliminates ten cops in different ways while a rock version of the Tetris song Korobeiniki plays in the background.
    Genghis Carnage: "$50,000 [a week]; She's worth it!"
  • During the climactic showdown when Dr. Gravity's weapon comes back with an upgrade.
    • Dr. Gravity in action for the first time aiding Kick-Ass in fighting off thugs, as unlike Kick-Ass who has training, Gravity was pretty much a guy armed with a bat covered in tinfoil at the time before joining Justice Forever. It's particularly impressive when you realize that he admitted that he actually never had fought before. So when it takes a while for him to return from the bathroom, it's not unreasonable to think that he saw Kick-Ass get beaten up and legged it. To see him join the fight instead, and successfully fight off the thugs with Kick-Ass... a Crowning Moment of Awesome indeed.
  • The mother half of Remembering Tommy saving Kick-Ass by beating the shit out of some goons with her brick-filled purse.
    • Quickly followed by the father half, with Colonel Stars and Stripes's axe handle taking out the other half of goons. An amazing moment for the couple.
  • Ralph D'Amico gets a dark one in his single scene. In spite of the fact that The Motherfucker is the most prominent villain of the film, he quickly puts him in his place with a single phone call, and slashes Javier's throat. Cruel? Definitely. Creepily awesome? Oh yes.
  • Mindy nailing the dance audition by putting on an impressive display of her fighting skills.
  • Dave decides to continue being Kick-Ass, now muscular and fit with a brand-new mask, made of metal, living in Bid Daddy's secret base. The Motherfucker may be gone, but crime is still rampant, and Dave knows, the world still needs a hero.