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  • Pretty much anything youtuber Macy Dean accomplishes is a CMOA.
  • Scott Manley's reusable space program was an epic series that involved multiple space stations across the Kerbin system, as well mining operations on multiple planets/moons. And he kept to his reusable program promise for an extremely long time, until a minor failure caused a part to break.
    • In a similar vein, his Interstellar Quest series, which ran much longer and achieved far more... in career mode!
    • And now, there's the Kerbal Spaceships are Serious Business series, which has pretty much all of the goals of Interstellar Quest... except in the Solar System, with realistic parts.
  • The heroic-sounding music that plays at the main menu.
    • How about this version of the theme song played on Adventurous Irish Violins?
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    • Since we talk music, the songs that play when the player reaches the 70Km barrier. It basically lets you know that you've reached Space. Awesome, indeed.
  • Though most of what he does is usually in the Funny end of the spectrum, Danny2462 can, and does, pull off some awesome stunts from time to time. Two of the best ones are probably getting a kerbal to the Mun without a spaceship (it had run out of fuel in orbit) and landing on the Mun on the next flight, all with the most basic parts that a single flight's research can afford you.
    "But I still want to do science on the Mun... though I only have basic parts... Who cares! I'm going there anyway!"
  • Giving Kerbin a third moon by capturing a passing asteroid. Taken Up to Eleven if you then grab a fourth. And a fifth. And...
    • Giving Minmus a moon, for that matter, and naming it Minmissimus.
  • Before the 0.17 patch fixed many of the Game Breaking Bugs that were all together dubbed the "Deep Space Kraken", some enterprising users were able to create a "Kraken Drive" to straight-up exploit these phantom forces created by glitches.
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  • Quite a few fan-made short films exist to showcase briefly just how awesome the game itself is and what ambitious players can dream of accomplishing in it. Shaun Esau's "Build, Fly, Dream" seems to be the quintessential example, and has inspired many others that follow in its footsteps.
  • Youtuber Hazard-ish is a non-stop stream of these. Some of his achievements include making launches underwater from Kerbin to Eve, launching upside-down, and making a fully functioning helicopter with nothing but stock parts!
  • Experienced KSP player Matt Lowne is no slouch either. From his epic completion of weekly challenges from the KSP Subreddit, up to his KSP-based story lines, such as the "Duna Attacks", "Expedition Eve", and "Green Harvest"series.
    • And also, The Blunderbirds:
      Lowne: (Narrator Mode) On a lonely planet slowly spinning its way to damnation, amidst the incompetence and unpreparedness of lesser space programs… One team stands resilient against the herds, putting their lives on the line to bail those who were previously unaware of the quick-save option. Yes, it’s the incredible adventures of Jebediah and his crack team of Kerbalnauts. They are... “The Blunderbirds!” Saving the Kerbin race one stranded explorer at a time!

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