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  • When your carriers take out the entire enemy fleet during the opening air strike.
  • Any time when your girls are able to kill the boss needed to finish the bar in an event or Extra Operation.
  • If you have a capable fleet at the time of Summer 2015 event, the ensuring Naval War Sequence would be very epic as you fight your way against a large Abyssal Fleet lead by Princess-tier enemies, with Air Defense Princess with Battleship Princess as their guardian.
    • Bonus points for Air Defense Princess have the greatest armor and air defense stat ever listed in Kantai Collection ever. And at Hard difficulty, she is guarded by two Battleship Princesses, adding to the awesomeness (and difficulty) and satisfaction when she is finally brought down.
  • Summer 2017 Event on its way to becoming this as the operation itself have your fleet sails from Singapore all the way to the Great Britain, with the final boss guarding the seas being none other than the European Princess. Its awesomeness was somewhat hampered by Fake Longevity on several maps, however.
  • The Combined Fleet. Say what you will about its impracticality, but anytime you sortie one, chances are you'll be seeing your shipgirls performing much asskicking show. Especially if you were able to reach all the way to the boss node for the epic battle.
  • Anytime support expedition triggers, especially if it's from a carrier fleet. After the initial air battle phase, a squadron of planes come swooping down from off-screen. If the opposing Abyssal fleet has its own air power, the two squadrons will clash.
  • Tactical use of Repair Goddess can turn the tide of the entire map. One case of such use turns a sinking Myoukou into a Myoukou who deliver a torpedo cut-in that drain the last of an event boss bar.
  • Spring 2016 event: Getting a 1000+ damage airstrike on Central Princess, sinking her even before the shelling phase starts. Especially if Hiryuu is the MVP.
  • The launching of jet-powered aircraft. It takes a massive effort to build one, let alone launching it, but the sight and the sound of jet-powered aircraft blitzing into the air (twice) makes it well worth the effort.
    • Its all the more awesome when RNG rolls in your favor and said aircraft snipes an enemy carrier. Taking out an Abyssal carrier during the jet assault phase prevents them form launching their planes, which would significantly weaken the enemy air group or even deny air power to the Abyssal Fleet entirely.
    • The Night Aircraft cut-in follows the tradition of mind-bogglingly massive effort to enable them, as it requires night-battle capable aircraft which takes significant effort to build, but once they're fitted, not even the night could curtail the overwhelming might of the aircraft carriers.
  • Whatever was awesome in the game (and even a few that wasn't) becomes breathtaking in the Arcade version. For one, initial airstrikes and (with midget subs) torpedo attacks can be launched manually at any time after you have pinpointed enemy's position from afar, and you can do it multiple times before even entering their firing range (which initiates the shelling phase). Once you do, you gotta control your ships' movement to avoid cannon fires and torpedoes, and to enter the good firing range - now, with main cannon fire, all ships that can fire from a given range will fire their cannons at the same time - meaning that you can have all 6 of them (provided all of them are surface combatants) bombard the enemy fleet for heavy damage. Torpedoes can also be fired manually instead of waiting for the closing salvo. And of course, entering night battle ups the ante. All of this in sleek 3D animations.
  • The battle against the Abyssal Princess in the Arcade game is both awesome and intimidating. You think the battleships and the carriers' large attack radius is scary? Anchorage Demon is twice as large, and she spreads three of them in your fleet's general direction. Maneuvering through her aims is so difficult, the game gives your shipgirls a chance to brace against her shellings. She's flanked by Fortresses that will block your shots, while a battleship escort fleet keeps menacing your girls on the side. When the Demon calls for her shelling turn, every Abyssal fleet remaining in battle will also start aiming, effectively giving them an extra shelling turn. If you drain her gauge but still not yet sink her, she will brace against the explosions and looking no worse, while breaking her gauge down further will instead make her Turn Red and change her form into Anchorage Princess.

    Anime Exclusive 
  • Episode 4: After having a good deal of the episode devoted to their wacky antics, Kongou and her sisters demonstrate just why they're considered almost as good as Carrier Group One in their battle against the Abyssals. Kongou blocks an incoming shell meant for Fubuki. With her fist.
  • Episode 5: When the newly reorganized Mobile Unit Five gets sortied out for an unexpected Abyssal attack, it's Fubuki - the youngest member of the unit with the least experience at the time - who is able to get the more senior members to launch a successful counterattack. That leads to her being elected as the unit's flagship.
  • Episode 12 is one magnificent moment after the other:
    • Ooi dropkicks an Abyssal bigger than herself, picks it up and throws it into the air, and then destroys it with one shot.
    • Moments later, Ooi and Kitakami are surrounded. They link hands, then... attack all the Abyssals surrounding them at once by strafing in a circle!
    • On the villains' side: the downed Airfield Princess gets up and regenerates - into Midway Princess.

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