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Awesome / Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle

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Kamen Rider Gaim portion

  • Micchy's first battle against Cyborg!Ryoma. Even with Duke's superior statistics, Ryugen survives the fight, manages to steal a leftover Sengoku Driver from the remains of a Mecha Kurokage Trooper he destroyed earlier and makes a clean escape.
  • Even though she was captive in Megahex's ship, Mai manages to plant a Helheim fruit in Team Gaim's base to give the heroes a fighting chance. This along with the Sengoku Driver stolen by Micchy earlier allows Takatora to get into the fight.
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  • Takatora duelling Cyborg!Ryoma one on one. And winning.
  • Micchy saving Mai in Megahex's ship and being able to put a sense of closure on his past failures.
  • Micchy making a clutch throw, passing the Melon Energy Lockseed to his brother. This along with the Genesis Driver left behind after destroying Ryoma allows Takatora to become Zangetsu Shin once again.
  • The Kureshima brothers battling Megahex, climaxing with Zangetsu Shin holding down the alien for Ryugen to land a Rider Shooting attack. Even though it doesn't finish off Megahex, it does give Zangetsu Shin the opening he needs to steal back the Kiwami Lockseed.
  • Kouta coming back to life. After the Kiwami Key is able to restore him, Kouta's spirit turns into a giant Orange Armor Part to protect Mai, Micchy and Takatora. Every Armor Part then emerges and splits across the city, forming one giant Armor Part. Cue Kouta emerging from an explosion. Oh? And as that last bit happens, Just Live More begins to play.
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  • We get to see Kouta's planet. It is absolutely beautiful from space.

Kamen Rider Drive portion

  • Lupin being able to copy the Brake Gunner and reverse engineer it so he could become Kamen Rider Lupin.
  • Belt-san sacrificing himself to protect Shinnosuke.
  • Shinnouske managing to catch up to Lupin and tells him this:
    Shinnouske: I'm not letting some cheap crook go around calling himself a Kamen Rider!
  • As Shinnosuke is falling to his doom he still attempts to turn into Drive, despite Belt-san no longer being able to work. He is able to restore his partner with sheer will power and the aid of the Shift Cars.
    • The Shift Cars appearing, forming a circle and matching the image on the screen that would correspond with the standby sound.
    • These lines.
    Shinnosuke: I am Kamen Rider... Drive!
    Belt-san: Okay, Shinnosuke! Start Our Engine!

Movie War portion

  • It's to be expected now of the two primary Riders to finish off the Movie War villain with a Double Rider Kick, but this is the first time that the Rider Machine gets to join in on the fun as Gaim and Drive seal Megahex's fate by slamming the Giant Bat Roidmude into the Megahex core alongside Tridoron.