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From it's premiere on, Black showed grand amounts of Awesome. Lets us count the ways:

  • Episode 1: Kotaro, after witnessing his adoptive father's death at the hands of spider monsters, stands tall and begins to transform into Kamen Rider Black. After that, Kotaro goes on to fight and beat ALL of the spider monsters around him and dedicate himself to defeating Gorgom.
  • Any of Kotaro's henshin sequences, along with the awesome music . And after he transforms, you can see smoke billowing out of his joints, implying not only that the new form is far more powerful than Kotaro's human form, but also that it hurts to transform, and Kotaro is just that much of a badass not to let it bother him.
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  • Kotaro's fight with the Rhino Kaijin at the end of episode 7.
  • Episode 13: Kotaro setting the Crab Kaijin on fire and then unleashing his improved Rider Punch and Rider Kick on it.
  • Episode 28 has Kotaro manage to lure out Birugenia and the Scarab Beettle Kaijin in order to destroy the kaijin and finally get the upper hand on Birugenia, who had made Kotaro look like a chump several times before, and kick his butt, forcing the big pink man to run away.
  • The debut of Shadow Moon.
  • Kotaro COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD and defeating Gorgom near the end of the series
  • Sometimes guest stars get their moments to shine. For instance, this CIA agent named Taki Ryuusuke. He guest stars twice, and always put up a good fight against Golgom monsters and helped Kamen Rider Black in various ways, either by doing a flying soccer kick on a round object against the Monster of the Week to disrupt it enough, pulled a Master of Disguise gambit on one monster, and breaking a Victim of the Week from being Brainwashed and Crazy with just an accurate gunshot. He might have made a good partner of Black, if it wasn't for his CIA international duties.
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  • Kyoko Akizuki usually plays either as the non-combat supporting girl or Damsel in Distress, but at one episode, she pretty much becomes the MVP of an episode when she figured out that Golgom was using an Idol Singer to brainwash the community because the song is titled MOG-ROG and then rode with Battle Hopper to the monster's hideout to save Kotaro from being hypnotized and revealing the monster's disguise and breaking him off hypnosis. And then while Kamen Rider Black fights and defeats the monster, she went to rescue the actual Idol Singer herself. Think of it: If it wasn't for her bravery, maybe Kamen Rider Black would've been beaten that early.

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