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Awesome / Kaizo Mario World

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  • The original Asshole Mario videos are amazing when you realise he didn't use any tools other than a infinite lives code. In other words, this player only used Trial-and-Error Gameplay, sheer memorization, and no Save Scumming with exception of the in-game goalposts.
  • Anyone who's ever beaten this game deserves mention, but Sir Ron Lionheart gets a special mention for beating the game without any coarse language or getting mad.
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  • A fan of the game known as RetroGamerRyan ported the games onto actual SNES cartridges! Done with quality control to make sure the games work properly and they do! So if you wanna spend $135 - $150 to torture yourself with these games without savestates, rewinds, and other nice emulator things... go right ahead.

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