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Awesome / K-19: The Widowmaker

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  • Radtchenko's Heroic Sacrifice. The kid went in to fix the failed repairs by himself, and stayed longer than any of the others.
    • Upon finding out that Radtchenko's been inside for over twice as long as anyone else had been inside, Vrostikov goes in without so much as a chemical suit and drags him out personally.
  • Captain Polenin goes into the aft torpedo chamber to put out a fire that started during the crisis while Radtchenko went to the reactor. He does his duty there, then he goes back to command deck to find that his trusted friend and the ship's commissar has transferred command back to him from Vrostikov. He simply nods, congratulates them, and asks for both a gun and the key to Vrostikov's handcuffs. Then he points the gun at his friend and orders them both arrested. He may be the Commander Contrarian to Vrostikov, but he never considered mutiny, and he's furious that they did.
    Polenin: You betray your family. And you betray me. You're under arrest, the both of you. Get them out of my sight!

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