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     Mare of Steel and side stories 
  • The "World of Cardboard" Speech Rainbow Dash gives during her final battle with Zod at the end of the first arc.
    Zod: You could have been more than some costumed fool. You could have been a great leader. You could have been a god! Why are you throwing this away for mere weaklings?
    Rainbow Dash: Because I love them! They raised me from when I was a foal! They showed me all the good that’s in this world, and they were by my side throughout my life, encouraging and comforting me as I grew! They never abandoned me, or said I wasn't worth it; not when I failed my first flight exam, not when my father died, not when I fought against Nightmare Moon and Discord, never! They made me the mare I am today, and I am grateful that I have such great ponies surrounding me! And you know what? They accept me for who I am; I don’t love them because they see me as a god, I love them because they see me as Rainbow Dash!
    Zod: Then you are just as weak as they are!
    Rainbow Dash: I’m not weak. I am Supermare! (hits Zod with a Megaton Punch)
  • Luna's Big Damn Heroes Moment in Chapter 20: she and her guards sneak into Steel Wing's base without him noticing, and arrest him just after he's essentially called her useless.
  • "Welcome to Equestria, Brainiac."
  • Rainbow Dash vs Brainiac, round 2. Magic vs Brawn. Zod was a tough sell, but Brainiac was just relentless, pushing Supermare to her breaking point. But she won in the end!
  • Supermare and Batpony teaming up to take down Clayface.
  • Supermare vs. Metallo.

     The Princess of Themyscira 
  • Filly Diana jumping Nightmare Moon to save Hippolyta. "No!" indeed.
  • Diana's first act of heroism in Equestria is to bring the top criminal in Manehattan to a police precinct and using the Lasso of Truth to get him to confess. The author describes this as having "lobotomized" crime in the city.
  • Diana's first fight with the Alicorn Amulet-powered Ares. She loses, but only after putting up a good fight. And then Soarin' gets a moment of his own when he swoops in to rescue her and carry her to safety.
  • Soarin' gives a brief lecture deriding the xenophobic nature of the Amazons, saying they'd be better off if they considered opening up and actually learn to trust outsiders. And he stares Diana down while he does this.
  • Diana, Soarin', and Twilight (empowered by the Helmet of Nabu) fighting Ares and his demonic army and sealing them all back in Tartarus.
    • Persephone deserves some credit as well, as it turns out that she was counting on the above happening when she gave Ares the Amulet, thus giving her husband control of Ares.

     In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night 
  • Shining's first fight with the Manhunters. He holds his own fairly well for a rookie, before Sinestro shows up to save him.


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