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Having such a large, varied, and evocative discography, there are quite logically parts which make one laud his efforts.

  • Although some of Juan's bigger works such as the multi-disc Iris Is Missing are too long for a single listening session, his sheer determination and, sometimes, quality of work merits them multiple sessions to take in. Each of these can be very rewarding.
    • The things are around 10 discs long for gods' sake!
    • The last third of 22/08/69 is particularly awesome for including several mild earworms and really very beautiful guitar work
  • The feeling one gets when a part of the discography is unfogged or a selection of songs named
  • The Samplers
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  • Any time a Deliriant Mutant song gets to a bit where the tape has over-saturated by the sheer signal coming from the instruments being played into it. One can hear and certainly feel the frustration and relentless energy coming from Juan and Ken
  • The "Follow The Dollar" album for concisely collecting together the industrial music Juan and Co. made in the late 80s and early 90s
    • There's a point starting at the fourth track to the ninth where the album really picks up and throws every bit of you around

Specific songs

  • "Carolina's Blues" from 22/08/69. Check out the guitar work and that opening riff. The vocals may be Juan's best vocal delivery; so tender and open.
  • "Outsider" from 22/08/69.
  • "Kill The Dog In You" from Follow The Dollar. The way the song builds up to the digital piano; nothing is speeding up but god, that last note hits one in the heart. This is industrial music at its most accessible and catchy.
  • The bit at the end of "The Drowning From The Too Fat Body"
    "It's another day in the same day as everyday we live"

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