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  • In the Journey into Mystery Fear Itself arc, Loki has been unveiling tiny, tiny pieces of his plan. Then the Serpent summons Dark Asgard, a copy of the real thing, hovering over New York that the Serpent will use to control the real Asgard. Loki comments that he has a plan. Cue Loki grinning and sitting on the shoulder of the Destroyer Armor.
  • In Journey Into Mystery, Kid!Loki is in a nightmare. The narration boxes continue describing him in a worse and worse manner, worse possibly than even his old villainous self deserved, as Loki begins to get depressed... only for Loki to declare that this is his dream and grab the narration boxes and rip them to pieces.
    • Also later tricking Nightmare into holding still long enough for Damion Hellstrom to show up.
  • In Journey Into Mystery #633 a creep is picking a fight with Kid!Loki in the dinner. As the creep goes to punch him, Leah catches the fist and throws the creep through a window and then proceeds to finish drinking her milkshake like nothing happened.
    • Kid Loki gets in trouble for this, and pays for the window and thinks he'll have to buy the guy a milkshake after Leah apologizes. However, Leah feels she has not yet atoned for her actions (having not understood that she went against mortal protocol but that getting that it was considered wrong to do) and proceeds to repent by tossing herself out the window. See Funny Moment.
  • In Journey Into Mystery #643 kid Loki has a monologue in which he boasts about "stabbing everyone in the back and having them thank me for it", and reveals that the burning of the Nine Realms by Surtur was something he intended all along.
    • And then in The Mighty Thor #20 it's revealed that he tricked Surtur and is working for the good of Asgard after all. Maybe. Right now, it's really unclear what his goals are...
  • In The Mighty Thor #20 kid Loki deposes Volstagg from temporary king-hood in the space of about two pages.
  • In Journey Into Mystery #645:
    Kid Loki: Because I was do know that you've lost, right?
  • The final issue of Gillen's run saw a letter from a certain fan praising Gillen's take on Loki. That fan was Tom Hiddleston.

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