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  • Your character's resurrection. The elders give you the longest scarf possible, and bathe you in golden energy. Your character then blasts off into the sky like a rocket, flying through the clouds. The war machines fly by, and it almost sounds like they're roaring "NO!" Then you emerge into this paradise of sunlight, snow and waterfalls filled with cloth creatures, while soaring music leads you to your goal. After all that your character went through in the previous level, the awesomeness of this one really makes up for it.
  • "The Road of Trials" is a level full of awesome. You spend most of it surfing through sand like it's water, through arches, over ridges and down steep rollercoaster-esque drops, with carpet creatures dancing and flying around you. Then, right before the end, the game gives you an absolutely stunning view of a ruined city lit up by a sunset that seems to set the very sand aflame. So beautiful it brings tears to your eyes.
    • There's no real reason to dart under archways or ramp off of ridges... but you'll be hard-pressed to find a player who just goes the path of least resistance.
  • The fandom successfully deciphered the lyrics of the ending theme before Austin Wintory had the time to reveal them. Awesome because 1) it's really hard to tell what's being sung even when you're familiar with the language, 2) it's in five different languages from five different classical sources, 3) people joined together to figure this out, like a meta extension of the experience of the game itself. So awesome it awed Austin Wintory himself, judging from the responses he posted in the topic.
  • The fact that Journey brought Thatgamecompany to bankruptcy and they continued making it.
    • And that it is the fastest selling PS3 game of all time.


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