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  • The existence of this very game. Not only is it an extremely well done game made in RPG Maker with unique combat mechanics that push the limits of what the engine is capable of, but it's also incredibly faithful while managing to add its own ideas.
  • During Alessi's attack, if you manage to get Joseph's Friendship value to a certain degree and reduce Polnareff's value down to a certain degree, you get treated to a special event in which Joseph gets to fight Alessi. However, he gets hit by Alessi's age-reducing Stand... then Alessi gets hit in the face as his victim predicts their next line. Then you fight Alessi as Joseph from Part II.
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  • When fighting J. Geil, you can use Kakyoin to utterly bypass the wall of beggars J. Geil put up to try to kill you, resulting in an added layer of Death by Irony for J. Geil.
  • Many of the Stand specific events. Highlights include turning the tables on the Captain Tennille impostor with Pixies, using Ocean Blue to blow up Wheel of Fortune with your own blood mixed with gasoline, leaving Enya speechless when Deep Purple counters Justice's fog and making a GIANT ELECTRICAL SPHINX out of Pharaoh Sanders to fight King Joey.
    • Wildhearts and Miracles show off their A-level range by leaving the stranded party (and the protagonist) to help Jotaro and Iggy fight N'Doul and Geb.
    • Another notable one is Red Garland doing a double lariat to break out of Yellow Temperance's grasp. That's right; Red Garland is stronger than a Stand that even Star Platinum couldn't overpower.
  • If you play your cards right, Senator Wilson (the guy who DIO cowed into being his driver and a normal person) can take out said DIO. His ending reveals that he later goes on to become President of the United States.
  • There's even a few of these in the purgatory of Sanctuary, like Enya Geil getting revenge on Steely Dan for killing her.
    • Wammu coming back from the dead to beat some sense into, encourage, and get the last laugh over Joseph.
  • The Ripple Warriors (Speedwagon, Stroheim, and Dire) completely outmaneuvering and overwhelming DIO (and even the World's powers) during Joseph's route, culminating in the old Joestar and Caesar delivering the Coup de Grâce to the man who ruined both their childhoods with a double, synchronized Sunlight Yellow Overdrive.
    • The whole sequence is pure awesome for every character involved: DIO stops time with The World and throws a knife towards Joseph's throat, but his knife is stopped by a Ripple-infused bubble. A bubble launched by Caesar Zeppelli who then mocks Joseph about how he had to leave Hell just to tell his old friend to shut up. Enraged, DIO goes after Caesar and enters a window where he spots some lights... Lights that turn out to be Stroheim's UV weapons. Weakened, DIO can only prepare as Dire is about to unleash his Thunder Cross Split Attack on him. DIO, remembering how to counter Dire, uses his Freezing Touch to block the Ripple attack, but Speedwagon, who also remembers how to counter DIO, throws him a Molotov cocktail, allowing Dire's attack to connect and shoving DIO outside the window.
  • The Genius Gambler mini-game. D'Arby, cheater extraordinaire and full-time Smug Snake, completely breaks down when the protagonist sees through all his cheating tricks and finally catches him in the act. Keep in mind that D'arby is so good at cheating that not even Star Platinum and Jotaro can figure out how he does it or spot him until it's too late.
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  • Oingo and Boingo actually get one in the route where you choose to stay with Kakyoin at the hospital. Oingo disguises himself as a doctor and locks the protagonist out of Kakyoin's room. As the protagonist rushes to the first floor to get the key, they will be subjected to explosive traps laid down by Oingo thanks to Boingo's predictions. By the time the protagonist gets back Kakyoin's room, he's already passed out. Damn.
  • Kakyoin surviving DIO's fatal attack if his FP is the highest, thanks to the protagonist protecting him with their stand, and they recover quickly enough to accompany Jotaro in taking down DIO.
    • Goes straight into a heartwarming moment during the end cutscene, as Kakyoin is not happy or satisfied because DIO is no more, but because after all these years... He finally has friends.
  • Defeating Vins after all the hell she put you and countless others through is satisfying.

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