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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
It's high noon.
  • The very first fight and kill of the film is in the New York Public Library. Remember the pencil? Try a book.
    • Which was done with no CGI since the actor could move his neck very convincingly.
  • The doctor patches up John with only five minutes left before his excommunicato kicks in. He was only halfway done when the time runs out, so John finishes the rest of the surgery by himself. Even then, the doctor helps John after the time is up by telling him what medicine to take and, knowing that the High Table will find out, he has John shoot him twice (in non-vital areas) to make it seem like John forced him to help after time was up. He takes the two bullets without screaming out in pain. To top it off, considering the Adjudicator is never seen meeting with him, in all likelihood, the bluff worked.
  • John escapes his pursuers into a storeroom and find a glass case containing antique revolver pistols. He grabs one but finds out that the bullets cannot fit into the cylinder. He then proceeds to disassemble the gun, grabs a larger cylinder and put it into the gun's chamber then reassembles it, before reloading the gun with the one bullet that he has just in time to headshot a mook who arrives in the room.
    • On a meta level, this is an awesome moment for director Chad Stahelski, who has gleefully pointed out that no reviewers called him on how ridiculous it was that John wasted time building himself a new gun instead of just grabbing a different bullet.
  • Let's say this; John Wick on a motorcycle, fighting other guys on motorcycles.
    • At one point, John stabs a guy on a cycle, then jams the blade into the bike's front wheel, causing it to flip back and crush another motorcyclist.
    • And then he gets on a horse. A horse, mounted by John Wick, in the streets of NYC.
    • Before that, he uses the horses to kick his enemies to death.
    • Using loose straps from the reins to tie a mook's neck, then taking the horse for a ride with the poor guy trailing behind.
  • Winston seems to be entirely fine potentially ruining the credibility of the Continental when it becomes clear the High Table is going a little too far, as shown in the second trailer; he shelters John for a time, even tells him if he needs anything for a showdown. And to that, Wick says:
  • What's more badass than John Wick kicking ass? John Wick kicking ass with a friend. Which he does in this movie. Twice.
    • The first being with Sophia.
    • The second is with Charon, who turns out to be just as good as John in killing squadrons of heavily-armored assassins. Perhaps most amazingly, despite fighting offscreen for an extended period of time against some of the toughest opponents in the series, when all is said and done, Charon doesn't even have a single scratch on him.
  • Right before fighting Zero in the as-expected excellent final duel, John has to deal with his last two remaining students, played by Cecep Arif Rahman and Yayan Ruhian. AND IT IS AWESOME! The two knife fighters intentionally allow John to rise and get a brief break when their numbers overwhelm him because it's awesome to fight John Wick.
    • The two initially have John's number well enough that they sadly note he's gotten older and slower, for which they allow him to take off his belt to use as a weapon... at which point he starts to win.
    • The fight ends when John back-slams all three of them through the glass floor and to another floor which point John rises and decides to allow these two to live.
    • On a meta sense, these two are played by the final bosses of The Raid AND its sequel, two back to back films also with jaw-droppingly fantastic fight sequences. Just the fact that we have two people who take part in those films fighting Neo makes this entire fight even more awesome.
  • The entire ending shootout with the High Table's elite troops is a moment of awesome for John. He's faced with legions of gunmen touted as being nearly as skilled as he is, covered head-to-toe in armor that makes them immune to John's trademark Boom, Headshot!...and John still cuts through them like paper.
  • During one of the early fights, John is up against a pair of axe-wielding assassins. In what appears to be a scene heavily influenced by Old Boy, we get a 45 second long take of John fighting them. As a meta-moment of awesome, Keanu's face is visible the entire time, leaving no doubt that all of his training and preparation for the film has paid off in spades.
  • On a meta level, finally seeing Mark Dacascos on the big screen was this for many action movie fans. Once famous in the 1990s, the man was reduced to doing only direct-to-video films, yet in this movie he almost steals the show from Keanu Reeves.
  • The final confrontation the film has built up to comes to a beautiful climax: John vs Zero. At this point John is exhausted from the nearly non-stop fighting and Zero is fresh and ready to rumble. Not only is John able to match the other assassin almost blow for blow in a brutal and bloody showdown, he soon dominates by performing a Stealth Hi/Bye twice on Zero, using Zero's previous mirror trick back on him and once he gets his hands on his opponent's sword, he manages to cut him so quickly Zero does not even realize John sliced off all of the fingers in his left hand until the pain hits him seconds later.
  • Credit where credit is due, The Bowery King staring down the Adjudicator is a pretty awesome display of guts on his part, and particular attention must be given to his "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner against Zero's deadly blade. Particularly given that he manages to survive those seven slashes and crawl himself back to the sewers, where he's not only alive, but gearing up to take the war to the High Table. Hail to the King, baby.
    The Bowery King: The King is dead...Long live the king.


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