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The TV Series

  • Hawkins in New Bern - First they send 3 soldiers into a cabin to take care of him we never see what he does but not even a peep is heard from inside and all Ted has to say is that he would not recommend going inside. He also blows up part of the factory and takes out about 4 more soldiers in his jailbreak of Jake and Eric
  • 18-year-old deaf farmgirl Bonnie Richmond gets out her gun and starts mowing down the guys with guns storming her house. Sadly, the last one kills her. (The actress is said to have hugged the writers in gratitude when they told her how she was to die.)
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  • Nuts.
  • Hawkins directing a desperate Jake into the Texas Embassy in Cheyenne.
  • Hawkins vs. a train. Hawkins wins.
  • The standoff between Jake's plane and two Allied States of America fighters, resolved when two Texas fighters blow the ASA planes out of the sky. An excellent, suspenseful scene with some of the best special effects ever to appear in television.
  • Anytime Johnston reinforced his authority such as when he punched Gray for questioning his orders in front of people.
  • Eric persuading a bunch of stubborn barflies to get to shelter before they are killed by radioactive fallout by telling them about its effects.
  • Emily stealing a supply truck from Jonah and crashing through the gate knowing he won't shoot his own daughter.
  • Dale killing Mitch Kafferty.
  • Anytime Jake pulls through as an Unlikely Hero and saves the day, all while looking perpetually sleep-deprived (or perpetually shitfaced).
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  • In an ingenious moment, Heather makes ice using common household supplies and kitchen implements to help keep Johnston Green from dying of fever in Season One, after an EMP knocked out all the electricity.

The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fanfic

  • Jericho just narrowly escaping death via hanging by shooting the beam supporting the rope.
  • A more meta-example. The fic finally earning a spot on Equestria Daily.


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